Sexual harrasment and independent contractors

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Should Independent Contractors Undergo Anti-Harassment Training? (Spoiler: Absolutely!)

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It must take reasonable steps to put a stop to the harassing behavior, or face legal liability. Third-party sexual harassment happens when the harassment is committed not by another employee, but by an outsider. Typical perpetrators of this type of harassment include clients, customers, vendors who come on site or otherwise interact with employees, independent contractors who work for the company, and employees or contractors of a different company for example, a security guard who is responsible for an office building where the company does business, maintenance and repair personnel who regularly come on company property, or caterers who work company events.

Third-party sexual harassment must meet theregular definition for sexual harassment -- that is, it must be so severe or pervasive that it creates a hostile or abusive work environment. For example, if a delivery driver asks the company receptionist to go on a date, that wouldn't be sexual harassment. If the same driver asked the receptionist out repeatedly, refused to take no for an answer, and commented on her appearance every time he made a delivery, that would likely cross the line. Similarly, if a client touched an employee on the arm while having a business lunch, that wouldn't constitute harassment.

But if the client repeatedly touched the employee inappropriately, despite her requests that he stop, that would be harassment.

Employer Liability for Third-Party Harassment An employer Secual be legally responsible for sexual harassment of its employees by a third party if it knows or should have known about the problem and failed to take immediate and appropriate corrective action. The future of work — and protection under the law The rise of the independent workforce shows no signs of slowing down. And the state of California has been ahead of the game. But companies cannot wait for laws to change. Not only must companies understand proper classification of their blended workforce and apply it!

Companies are vying for the most talented full-time and independent workers on the market. Providing a workplace experience that talented people seek to Sexuwl part of delivers ckntractors results for independent contractors and companies, alike. Is your company in compliance? But Irizarry, now 33 and a freelance writer, says she decided against it. Now, with the independent workforce on the rise, industries as diverse as manufacturing, accounting, education and warehousing are filling more positions with contract workers.

Gig platforms that allow consumers to summon drivers and handymen over an app are only accelerating that. One of them is an statute prohibiting race discrimination in contracts.

Independent Sexual contractors and harrasment

Separately, New York City and three states — California, Washington and Pennsylvania — extend other workplace protections independen contractors. Employers argue that contractors, by definition, control their conttactors working conditions and as free agents, need fewer protections. But some question whether many of today's contractors enjoy true independence and control over their own work. The contractor label is often misused, says David Weil, dean at the Heller School at Brandeis University and a former Labor Department official under President Barack Obama who enforced fair wage laws.

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