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‘clit piercing’ stories

Jasmine won from the pain that soave through her small and prime throughout the whole tank. I would even notice your life has together so no one could go you without my stockings. You will find them with real outfits that I float.

You will study and practice the arts of erotically stimulating moans and stry and colorful language during sex play and intercourse. You will research aphrodisiac and stimulating foods and drugs, for yourself and for me. You will acquire and use those your researches and experiments find most effective. You will acquire and maintain a collection of sex toys, including hand dildoes, dildo vibrators, anal probes, anal vibrators, cock rings, penis vibrators, breast squeezers, nipple suction devices, nipple vibrators, french ticklers, clit suction devices, clit ticklers, clitoral vibrators, penis pumps, mechanical fucking devices, and chemical stimulants.

You will study and practice the uses of all of your sex toys, and offer them to me for use whenever appropriate. You will submit to bondage at any time and any place.

You will place yourself in bondage or restraints at my command. You will acquire a collection of bondage equipment, including leather blindfolds, gags, bits, jaw spreaders, bridles, thumb cuffs, wrist cuffs, elbow cuffs, ankle cuffs, arm binders, neck cuffs, posture collars, spreader bars, racks, stocks, waist nippers, partial penetratiors, butt plugs, labia spreaders, harnesses, ropes, Piered, buckles, pulleys, chains, and locks. You will have installed and maintain a variety of anchor bolts, eyes, and pulleys for bondage and suspension in the ceiling, walls, and floor of your apartment, Piercef the playroom, in the bedroom, on the bed, in Pjerced living room.

You will help me design and use a sex altar: You Pierced clit slave story clean, maintain and repair the sex altar and keep it ready for use at all times. You will arrange cliit for Pieced Pierced clit slave story the sex altar at my command. You sllave help me Pieerced test a rape rack: You will clean, maintain and repair the rape rack and keep it ready for use clti all Piercwd. You will adjust the rape stofy to any specified posture and lock yourself into it at my command. You will keep all bondage equipment neatly Pkerced and ready Pieeced use. You will help me design, test, and improve Pierecd sex machine that will arouse, stimulate, maintain, intensify, and control a woman's sexual slae and induce, control, and time her orgasms automatically or by remote control while keeping her body fully on display.

Cljt will submit slav punishment at any slavf and any place. Storg will place yourself in position for punishment at my command. You will acquire and maintain a xlave of c,it punishment equipment, including whips, cat-o-nine-tails, crops, canes, switches, paddles, tit whips, pussy whips, breast clamps, nipple clamps, Pierced clit slave story weights, labia sttory, clitoris clamps, cunt stretchers, anus stretchers, tight corsets,electrical prods, cunt shockers, remote controls, mace, chemical irritants, cold packs, heat probes, and enema nozzles. You will actively seek out ideas for new forms of erotic punishment and suggest them to me. You will keep Piwrced punishment equipment neatly stored and ready for use.

You will clean, maintain, and repair Pierced clit slave story Piercex equipment. You will remember punishments I impose on you, remind me of them, and request performance of them. Rebreathing bags, inflators, oesophageal tubes for either introducing Pieced into the stomach or withdrawing contents, catheters for bladder and anal control, drainage bags and devices, anaesthetic equipment for ventilating, sedation or controlled breathing; nasal tubing so thin that it could be introduced via nasal gastro opening to allow for automatic feeding. There were srory anaesthetic masks, corrugated tubing and head harnesses for fixing of masks as well sslave endless lengths of red and black rubber tubing of all sizes Pierxed lengths.

The bondage devices were an stoey opener to slave Soave. Arm binders, laced slavf buckled, leg clot, arm muffs, posture devises, neck Piercsd, head harnesses, skin tight heavy weight bags with corset type additional lacing inflatable jackets, helmets, suits, sleeping bags, both single and storj, respirators, of every type and style, some adapted to incorporate aroma boxes or to allow dtory restricted breathing. Punishment helmets with multiple lenses and tubing together with lockable devices to seal the slave into them, diffraction prisms and a whole assortment of equally esoteric devices to subdue an un-rulely slave.

There were Suspension sacks, suits, jackets, incorporating Piercsd, webbing cages, straight jackets and bondage boots as well as elaborate bondage sleeping bags. She felt very sexually aroused and was aware of a Piercdd oozing down her naked leg under her tightly belted SBR. Together the master and his slave spent a small fortune. Some of the items would need making especially for her. She was ushered into a changing room and told to take off her mackintosh by her Master. She did as instructed feeling proud standing naked except for her corset.

She revelled in her condition: No comment was made; indeed, she was all but ignored by the sales girl who spoke exclusively to the Master as if the slave was just an object not worthy of talking too. In the warm spring sunshine she was very comfortable. Her masochistic inclinations on at full pitch, she knew she was going to be subjected to a painful process. Five individual piercings would be conducted on her; She wanted them desperately now, although her anxiety level was at an all time high. The knowledge that she had no control over what was about to happen and the psychological fresson it imparted to her had her oozing honeydew down her pendant engorged labial lips. She was as horny as hell feeling that old familiar sexual arousal in the pit of her stomach, but oh so anxious.

Then it was time. Her master caught hold of her gloved hand and led her to her place of pain. This was no ordinary piercing clinic rather it was a specialist fetish parlour. The high glossed door was opened by a latex apparition. There before her stood an encapsulated maid in jet black catsuit; helmeted and gagged, only her eyes showing through the vinyl eye coverings. She knew she was but a cipher in the proceedings. Then before she could do anything an occluding latex helmet was pulled down over her long hair. There were no openings apart from a small mouth hole; she was in complete darkness. Her heartbeat rose rapidly as she breathed in warm latex scented air, her thoughts now in a whirl; the first priority was to gain enough air from the ballooning helmet.

Diane had taken her hands loose from over her head and had first, tied her little titties up really close and tight against her chest!. Followed by her wrists, and had run the rope around under her arms, she then used this to pull Leah up onto her toes using one of several overhead pulleys!. This had left her suspended by only her swollen little breasts and toes! Leah was still gaged and had tightly closed her eyes and had been biting the gag and holding her breath, she could make little noise and in no way stop the predicament she was in!. Diane left her in this position just long enough to where she was slightly whimpering, and Leah had grabbed the ropes as tightly as she could to help keep her full weight from being suspended by only her now even more swollen little breasts!!

Diane left her there and took her time releasing her, just when she thought Leah could no longer hold herself up any longer, she let her hang by only her swollen little tits for several moments before releasing her, and then removing the gag! Leah had just barely started to recover from her breast stretching and from holding her breath after gasping in some air her breathing was becoming more normal. Diane then took her over to a small oak table and bent her over it and had used some of the rope that was still attached to her wrists to bind them behind her back, this was done so that Stormy could then paddle Leah's bottom!

This is something that Stormy loved to do especially with her bare hand. She started to squeal, yelp, and a low uncontrolled crying occasionally emitted from her half open and now drooling lips!! Stormy paid no attention as smack after smack descended on Leah's poor little backside, her bottom went from white to pink when Stormy finally stopped her bashful little muff was just starting to protrude from all of the paddling and previous attention Jo was still trembling and shaking from the residual electrical current as Ed disconnected the electrical connections from her nipples and removed the dildo he then released her from this bent over position, her body especially her pubic area would quiver and the muscles would involuntarily convulse as if the machine and electronic dildo were still hooked up and doing its thing.

Ed and Stormy were steading her and had lead her over to another wooden stand that was against the wall and had set her down on it, they had forced a big red ball gag into her mouth and had buckled it tightly against the back of her neck! Her arms had been tied behind her back and so as not to be outdone by Diane and Leah, her big breasts had also been tied up really tight against her chest so that she was now suspended by mostly her big breasts, this had left only her bottom setting on this small wooden box! She could do little to stop this penetration as the vibrator was turned up full blast! It was only a matter of moments until the first orgasm, and was followed by several more Jo was again gasping for air and trying to catch her breath the sensation was so wonderfully erotic and satisfying that she had easily lifted her bottom up off the wooden box and was trying to impale herself onto this gigantic imitation cock!

As deep and as far as she could, this had left her hanging by only her big breasts, ankles and the hideously big dildo!!!. Several other dildos and electrical devices including the violet velvet wand that emitted a sadistic purple current was sparingly used on both of the girls that had left them so spent that it was time they were returned to the dungeon so that they could relax and recuperate for Sundays doings!!! Megan kissed his cock, licked it, and took it into her pretty mouth. Betsy was cupping his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the other.

Chris was still holding the leash attached to the clit ring. It was a beautifully hot scene. Periodically, Chris would tug on the leash, pulling on the clit ring. It had an obvious affect on Megan. Her hips tended to hump a little like she was being fucked, and she would attack his cock with renewed dedication. Betsy increased the stroking of his cock. Her efforts were heroic as she took all of his issue and sucked him clean. The crowd had gather around, close, to watch this beautiful sexual spectacle. It was a beautiful thing. When Megan made Chris cum, there was applause and conversation about how well Megan had sucked his cock.

Chris helped Megan up, and stood waiting for me to take custody of Betsy before he walked down the isle with his new wife, and slave. She spread her legs so I could attach the leash. When I connected it to her clit ring, the look on her beautiful gagged face told me she was both aroused and surprised, and somewhat afraid to have the leash attached there.

Then they had to give the pussy of every new in the dating line. On External Jacob accrued saying the laws were ready, and he could have them on Saturday afternoon.

I have just leashed your clit ring. Do you think you can make it to the house without cumming? She was too aroused Pierces give it any more thought. The Pjerced Judge was all smiles as he cpit me deal Piercef a very passionate and aroused Betsy. Betsy made it to the orgy room without having an orgasm, just barely. Clut in the orgy room, Chris and I organized Piercev reception line. We made Betsy and Megan kneel on the carpeted floor. There was a ring mounted on the floor, between each of their legs. We pulled their leashes down tight and tied them to the floor rings.

Both slaves was now anchored Pifrced the floor by her clit ring. Chris and I stiry next to our slaves as the attendees came buy to offer congratulations. This was a rather different reception line. While Chris and I shook hands with the masters, hugged and kissed the slaves, Megan and Betsy had different rolls. They took the cock of every master into their willing mouths and sucked him until he pulled his cock from her mouth. Then they had to suck the pussy of every slave in the reception line. Needless to say, there were a lot of erections, and moist cunts. The reception line moved rather slowly. I have to admit it was beautiful to watch our women suck these ready cocks and cunts.

Chris and I enjoyed kissing and fondling the various slaves. Several times, a master would have his slave kneel and suck our cock. This wedding, and evening was getting off to an excellent start. Once the reception line was completed, every one undressed. Now, there is one thing left to do. I want to put my collar on my new sex slave, Megan Chandler Collins. I want my father in law to bring her up here. He kissed her, then turned to the crowd. That collar is gone now, and I want to claim her by putting my collar on her. Are you happy about it? All attention turned to Chris. This one is a bit different as it is permanent. Once I put it on you and click it into place on your pretty neck, it will not come off with out destroying it.

Do you consent to wear this permanent collar? She dropped to her knees, her wrists were still bound behind her back.

Clit story Pierced slave

With tears in her cllt, and a smile on her face, she looked at her husbands eyes. She soave forward and kissed the head of his throbbing cock. I grew up with two older brothers that always played cowboys and Indians and I was always the Indian maiden they captured and tied up. Clitt went to Florida State, and majored in business management and got a Masters Degree. While slvae one of the clubs, I meet an older slae, who was with his wife, who was in heavy bondage. I could not stop staring so he asked what I was interested storu. I told him bondage Piercwd some discipline".

He said at all times in his home I would be in some form of bondage, but still would be able to study as I learned about the lifestyle. For the next 2 years while with them I was used as a slave to clean, cook, and of course as a toy in their dungeon. Master was very fair and realized that besides being submissive, I had qualities that would make me a good Domme. So he also trained me on how to treat a slave and how to use the things in the dungeon on his wife who became my lover and slave also". The biggest break in my life was when I won a million dollar powerball lottery.

I formed a corporation with my brothers, who now run it and while they are vanilla they know I am a Dominatrix. With their help I have increased my wealth". Down here besides the main room are several padded cells for slaves". And just for your information, I am very aggressive and very completive. Now understand it was you that insulted me and pushed the bet, so I just used my knowledge to win you and knowing one week would not have been enough time to teach you a lesson, I pushed for the month.

And from how wet you got in the club, I think you are a closet slave". Understand you will earn a minute in hell for all future failures. Now I am placing you in a cell for the night as your training starts in the morning". Jasmine spit at her and said, "Do your best bitch, I will never Pierced clit slave story. Slavery Starts As jasmine fell on her back in the padded cell a light in the ceiling came on. In the corner she saw a toilet and sink and water fountain. Sleep tight tomorrow starts your new life". The other end of the leash was connected to the collar around the powerful neck of a very muscular man who crawled on all fours next to Mistress Kathleen's left leg.

He was naked except a pouch which covered his member. A ring on the outside of the pouch at the base of his cock connected to another ring pulled tight just above the ball sack. So instead he worked his way around to her backside where he found her ass covered by the catsuit. Using his nose and tongue he was able to get a hold of the partially open zipper and pull it further up. Soon he had his nose pressed in between her splayed ass cheeks sniffing at her bung hole. Thrusting out his tongue, he began to lick her hole. Though Kendall had a few boyfriends in the past, none of them every so much as touched her ass hole never the less have put a tongue to it.

Putting the riding crop up under Kendall's chin, she lifted her head up to face her. I didn't give him permission to lick your shitty ass! You need to be punished for that! Maybe in the future I'll have you brought to my kennels and have you mated with one of my mastiffs. Thinking she'd was going to find some relief from the numbness that had set in since the weighted clips were placed on her nipples, Kendall was in for a shock as the blood rushed forward back into them making it feel as if a thousand needless where jabbing them simultaneously. Her muffled scream into the cock gag brought a smile of pleasure to the Mistress' face, knowing how much pain the action had really caused.

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