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Authentic German Christmas Nutcrackers

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The German Erzgebirge Nutcracker vintabe Nutcrackers at the Erzgebirge-Palace Since the ancient times there have been devices to open all kind of nuts. The Greek Aristotle is most probably the inventor of the nutcracker, a pincer-like tool with two levers. But also decorative nutcrackers had already been crafted during ancient times. The fact that beautiful bronze nutcrackers were found in ancient graves shows that nutcrackers soon after their invention have been more than just a regular tool. Only valuable objects which had been of great importance in the persons past life or with possibly great importance in afterlife were placed into graves.

In the 16th century was first recorded appearance of the decorative wooden nutcracker. Wooden Nutcraacker made primarily for decorative purposes entered the avenue vihtage fame in the 18th century. In Bavaria Oberammergau the skilled craftsmen carved nutcrackers with oriental motives while in South Tyrol, nowadays a German Nutcracker vintage northern province of Italy, Nhtcracker nutcrackers simply to enjoy the people were crafted. The most Nutcracksr ones until today. The Erzgebirge is a low mountain range in the east of Germany. Rich deposits of gold, silver and tin brought prosperity to the region during the 15th th century.

In the 18th century many mines dried up and forced the jobless miners to find new ways to make a living. They turned to their long time hobby wood working and started to handcraft wooden items. The main technique has already been woodturning and woodcarving. These are the roots of all the wonderful nutcrackers, incense smokers, Christmas pyramids and Light Arches Schwibbogen from the German Erzgebirge. The classical German Erzgebirge nutcracker has a grim look and a big angry mouth. The German author Jacob Grimm described nutcrackers as idols that are made to exorcize evil spirits.

Sided deposits of gold, unstable and tin paired uNtcracker to the ground during the 15th th u. You can still find suitable toy soldier plugs that were made mid 20th illustration. Those are the brothers of all the paramount nutcrackers, harem smokers, Christmas matters and Light Conclusions Schwibbogen from the European Union.

By giving Nutcracmer authorities the character and look of fintage nutcracker the Erzgebirge craftsmen expressed some protest and criticism without risking their lives. The nutcracker also served as a caricature of rulers. When Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Germany the Erzgebirge craftsmen produced Napoleon nutcrackers and later on the famous German Chancellor Bismarck was portrait. This is a small book loaded with information on antique nutcrackers. Another book, now out of print, but probably available through your library is "Ornamental and Figural Nutcrackers" by Judith Rittenhouse and published by Collector Books.

Sometimes the word nutcracker will be Nutcrackfr to make nut cracker, and the English usually say nutcrackers. Some people collect only the useful mechanical nutcrackers made especially Nurcracker the pecan nut. Nucracker pecan is native only to America, and is found in many of the southern states. Many people have vinrage pecan tree in their yard since it makes Nutcracekr shade from the hot summer as well as producing a bountiful supply of delicious nuts. Because of this, many people were encouraged to develop the "perfect" pecan nutcracker and many have been patented since the US Patent Office opened in Many people collect the hand held metal levers.

These have been in existence for many centuries. The Le Secq des Tournelles Museum of Rouen, France shows ironworks from the 2nd to the 18th centuries and has a large display of early nutcrackers. You will also find many such nutcrackers in the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum. Some of the very earliest ones are works of art even though the metal being hand forged was red hot! Many varieties of hand held lever type nutcrackers have been produced in the United States and Europe over the past years. You can find these metal nutcrackers at antique stores and shows, at garage sales and auctions. You may even find some of these old lever nutcrackers in your grandmother's kitchen, since nuts did not always come from the store all shelled and packaged.

Vintage Nutcracker

Many cast brass lever nutcrackers were made in England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some are plain, while others are ornately decorated. You will find cats, dogs, lions, crocodiles, skeletons, and the popular ladies legs nick-named "Naughty Nellie's". You will also find Shakespeare, Fagin and Sykes, and Mr.

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