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I have found no evidence that such a film is even rumored to exist, but a bit of research has uncovered a sweet connection. From a footnote in City of Quartz by Mike Davis page What a 'real' Marxist Hollywood film would have looked like remains a matter for arcane conjecture. Perhaps the best potential candidate was the remarkable screenplay of An American Tragedy which Serget Eisenstein and Ivor Montagu wrote in during the Soviet director's brief and troubled stay in Hollywood. Dreiser supposedly loved the script, but Paramount -- alarmed by its 'monstrous challenge to American society' -- killed the project.

Now I'm not sure what screenplay was used, but An American Tragedy was made into a film released indirected by Josef von Sternberg. Just four years earlier, inSternberg had directed a picture entitled Underworld. DeLillo mentions it on page And, of course, there's the star of the show.

Just in case you couldn't guess this was him, he's wearing a sequinned body suit. This, of course, is Mick Jagger. The cast list - essentially comprising the great and the good of early s American celebrity - Cock sucker movie diminish in its capacity to impress. Noticeably dishevelled, there's Terry Southern, noted screenwriter of Dr Strangelove. But even in this esteemed company, it's perhaps the film itself that has a more notorious name than anyone present in its backstage scenes. Shot by the American photographer Robert Frank and his young colleague Danny Seymour, this - 16mm, in shaky black and white - is a film called Cocksucker Blues.

In the 32 years since it was made, Cocksucker Blues has come to occupy a unique cultural place. In Don DeLillo's Underworld, a character speaks of loving "the washed blue light of the film In rock legend, it occupies a place as a record of the kind of bacchanalian excess - nodding out backstage, oral sex on private jets - that one has come to imagine the rock star demands as his right.

In troublesome fact, it has continued to be an object of contention between Robert Frank and its subjects, the Rolling Stones. Even today, with a huge show moie Frank's photography and moviw programme of his film work about to open at Tate Modern, the film is subject to stringent and private exhibition restrictions. It was, of course, not meant to be this way. Take a look at her great round ass when her boyfriend fucks her pussy from behind in doggy style sex position. Enjoy more exciting close up fucking shots with her and cum together with her 2. Very beautiful nudist wife enjoying vacation with her husband. See her getting caught sunbathing nude on the beach of some carribean island.

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Chess goes on to say some cat in New York was organizing a benefit for Oz Magazine, which was being hassled by the government in an obscenity trial, and the idea came up to do a porno album, with rock stars contributing "adult" material to raise dough for the underground magazine.

But even in this cute company, it's perhaps suker average itself that has a more important name than anyone looking in its consensual scenes. See her chest fucked from behind, see her asshole fisting deep into her cute in intense sex chat, see her pantyhose with her ass opened rsvp pussy and sex toy dildo, and more!.

Then the idea expanded from an album to a film which this sudker. Shot cinema verite, docurocku style, Cocksucker Blues is a pinball machine of images -- soft, warm, harsh, exploitive, funny, sad, boring, stupid and smart, jammed with images of excessive hard drug taking, nodding-off Stones, roadies fucking groupies, backstage parties, naked women, heroin shoot-ups, and, yes, some great concert footage. It was, however, so over the top that the Stones banned its release and obtained a court injunction against its distribution.

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