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However, the differences between the two opinions lie in the application of law to these facts.

The findings of both the hearing officer and Board as to the fact of control are supported by xss manifest weight of the evidence and, thus, asss court cannot reverse those findings. Systems pays unemployment and workers' compensation insurance premiums and all required employee taxes. Meeting minutes are given to the warden. This is the second time this case has been before this court. DOC has the right to approve the "initial and continued employment" of nurses and sets the minimum qualifications for them, e.

Nurses ass Illinois

Its function is to review inmate complaints, infirmary care, mental health responses, health records, etc. The Act defines a public employer as, among other things, any person with authority to act on behalf of the State or its departments. The question of subject matter jurisdiction is not a factual question but a legal issue. The Shawnee nurses manual "is the how-to guide for organizing, planning and administering" health care, and incorporates applicable directives in addition to other details as to how the work is to be performed.

Even though DOC nursss Systems to control the Shawnee nurses, the contract vested initial and continued employment of the Shawnee staff subject to the approval of DOC. Vacation time, sick leave, etc. The term "employee" under that act includes individuals or organizations who contract with DOC for services. Stix, of Chicago, for petitioner.

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The Board, based on its own findings of fact, held that since DOC did nursea exercise any meaningful control over any significant aspects of the nurses' employment, it was not a joint employer with Systems. Opinion filed March 30, DOC provides the meals on site for security reasons. Ruiz, Solicitor General, and Valerie J.

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