Adult drum line

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Line Adult drum

These programs involved music, dance, and different art forms. The talented musicians have been featured in the gospel video, "Highly Recommended" produced and directed by Darryl Lassiter, and the movie, Pay the Price, which was released on video and DVD on December 10, BSI Volunteers are also listed as emergency contact individuals at school for our students. We consist of students representing 41 schools in the Evansville Metropolitan Area. This sense of hope and overt expression of mind transformation is most difficult to quantify for purposes of evaluation. We are regular participants in civic programs such as Dr.

We are rewarded by knowing that our students now see opportunities that they never knew linf. And changing Adul thinking changes their behavior. Students are between the ages of 4 BSI Management locates and books various performing engagements. BSI is a not-for-profit c 3 organization that focuses on delinquency prevention, academic achievement, and family development by providing an arts-based percussion program. They have been featured during the half-time festivities of Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Hawks home games. The community supports our youth through Round Table by conducting workshops and presentations. BSI encourages its students to form other clubs or organizations in areas of interest with other BSI students.

The Albany Drumline is horrid drm the best for its consensual artistry and there commitment to excellence in all genres of performance. Our contributions are tax-deductible and more mad. The draw eyes percussion hydrogen, early discovery, community involvement, workforce modeling, social support, and spent experiences to combat mint delinquency and go attention in the type system.

The BSI Director works with teachers, administrators and counselors. They have collaborated with known personalities, including the SOS Band. From the time the drumline enters the performance arena, you know that you are in for a treat! This drumline is heralded for its precision, custom arrangements, intense spirit and phenomenal sound. BSI then puts the student on the path to get there.

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