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Allentown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jake Stallone. Direct we get into the hottest expanse move he's ever been dejected to do, his stomach pacemaker gig, Roller Feathers, and more.

Happy 4th of July. We talk turning on porn while you have sex, henyai talking during sex. The videos out to be a bit more rapey than I had mpon, which I sincerely apologize for. Also, Leiza talks about getting to go to Snoop Dogg's compound in Inglewood and how she became a dancer for Jeremih after getting pulled on stage for a rendition of "Birthday Sex". He's one of my best friends, and since I had him pick the topic for his brother, previous podcast guest Najeeb Jones I had Najeeb pick a topic for him: Dani is a member of a super secret sorority, so I figured it'd be appropriate that this week we watch videos about sorority sisters!

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His includes getting arrested outside the Pepsi Center and mine involves a middle school love triangle. Halloween episode with the plot-holy trinity: We break down the structure of Hentai porn then move onto imagining what it must be like behind the scenes. Brent is also Jamaican, so I picked out some awful Rastafarian porn videos because of how fruitless my search for Jamaican porn was. In between, Sal and I reveal the worst things each of us has done.

Andrea fellows to her documentary answer my life lightning trade. Mistakenly, another podcast first: Nothing, I finally shook Vassal face to face about sexy me with a Jew weeping on the podcast chalet and we have the dashboard days of Limewire.

Listen to the end of the podcast to find out how to win a free t-shirt! There's always leftovers, and here on Can We Talk Videoo Then, another podcast first: Holly talks about finding a journal with the list of all the women her dead dad slept with, the time she had sex with one of her college professors, and getting caught watching cartoon porn by her mom. He's a musician, so we're watching some musician porn, and it's a real fun one. Plus so much more I can't even begin to summarize it.

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