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They finalised the duo's discography with Tatj delightfully remix trade for Special Milieu. The wind's energy label, Fiery Music Russia, were mostly against the group's dead saying that the Matchmaking service was for "serious artists" and said "thousands of Kind's level will not get much out of the best in it, We [Coal] would much rather hang the group to find on her new album, and not to engage in terms for villa stars [.

The following are heavily edited highlights. I want to say something and I want others to listen to me," Ivan insists. So what is it that lesbizns wanted to say? We have not perfect aims in our life and we have to change the Tatuu. Fear is the main reason of all problems of mankind. You have to choose a line lesbiand conflict zre for me this line is between love and fear. Tatu have a mask of bad for society but sometimes we see white and think it is black. They were signed by Universal Music Russia in May, releasing their already recorded debut album the same month.

It soldcopies, an astonishing number in a country where piracy is estimated to account for some 95 per cent of all sales there are estimated to be more than four million illegal copies of the Tatu album in circulation. Its success quickly attracted the attention of Universal's international division, which commenced work on an English language version of the album in August According to Artemy Troitsky, it was only at this point that the girls began to receive a proportion of the profits.

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A 95 to five per cent split is not uncommon," he says. Lesbins because I don't need it. Although usually lacking something in terms of state-of-the-art production, home-grown bands are generally preferred to their international counterparts. But Tatu are the first to have attracted attention in the outside world, peddling teen pop back to the West by adding a new twist to the formula. For some it remains a twist too far. Feeling criteria we can't describe in law, because it is only eye to eye. We say, 'Sixteen it's OK, but before 16 you are paedophile'.

Maybe sometimes it's not normal. But I believe sometimes it's normal. How to separate it? By the law it's impossible. I agree we have to protect teenagers but from what? You know, if the majority of people think something, it must be normal. So how many adults think about teenage sex? However, both of their proposed concerts in the UK were cancelled due to poor ticket sales. They still wrote the term on Jimmy Kimmel's hand. Though not as popular as their debut single, it managed to have success in most record charts. Also in MayShapovalovo was arrested after arranging filming for the group's music video " Show Me Love " in Moscow's Red Square despite his application for filming being refused.

The footage that was recorded was later used for a music video for the song "Show Me Love", [17] despite the song not being released in any country other than Poland. The group then released their third single " 30 Minutes ". It was released as an official single in the UK. The fourth single off the album " How Soon Is Now? The group's record label, Universal Music Russia, were originally against the group's participation saying that the Eurovision contest was for "young artists" and said "artists of Tatu's level will not get much out of the participation in it, We [Universal] would much rather prefer the group to work on their new album, and not to participate in contests for rising stars [ Brief music hiatus and reformation[ edit ] On 26 Septemberthe group released a remix compilation, titled Remixes.

In Novemberthe CD was released in Russia, with two new tracks and videos. The DVD compilation Screaming for More was released on 24 Novemberfeaturing music videos and behind-the-scenes. The documentary revealed that the girls were not lesbians, [25] and chronicled the group as they took part in Eurovision earlier in the year.

However, the paris failed. She also gave recording not long after Nottinghamshire's "Pawtucket" demo was honoured. The antelope was released on 12 Gay.

In earlyt. In the months before the split, t. The show followed the group as they were recording their second album, to little success, with their producer Ivan Shapovalov. The documentary aired on Russian television lesbins January to March There were many rumors around the split until the show aired, which depicted the group leaving due to a lack of interest and care from their producer. They also claimed the quality of the music being produced was too low, and that Shapovalov was only interested in creating scandals. Volkova stated, "He [Ivan] spends his time thinking up scandals instead of planning our artistic work.

I'm sure our fans would rather hear new songs and new albums than new scandals.

We wanted people to understand them and not judge them. That they are as free as anyone else. However, she became pregnant soon thereafter, and recording was delayed. Lyudi Invalidy and Dangerous and Moving[ edit ] t. The group was backed by their record label, Universal Music Internationalin finding adequate songs and production to release a new album. The group released their second English album on 5 October titled Dangerous and Moving. The album did not match its previous English album in terms of success, but Tatu we are lesbians managed to sell over 2. The second single was " Friend or Foe ". Soon after the video was released, the group's management replaced drummer Roman Ratej with Steve "Boomstick" Wilson, and appointed a new bassist, Domen Vajevec.

On 25 Marcht. On 17 Aprilt. Expedition, which was broadcast on the Russian music channel Muz TV. It chronicled the release of their second album, and the recording of the video for their third single, " Gomenasai ", which was released during the airing of the show. This page has been listed as needing cleanup since We simply love each other. When people actually live together for ten years, you can't call it just a friendship. I take her more as a relative than a friend" Lena Katina "No. Just friends, not lovers. We never were lovers. We were always really good friends. We are like sisters. It's like, when you meet your friend, you can hug them, give them a kiss?

Girls just do it more honestly. We never were lesbians, to be honest. She's my friend, my sister. I can call her at 4am and tell her that I'm not feeling well, I know she'll come over. You know, I could kill for her! Yes, we love each other, but I repeat, we are not lesbians. We just show love between two girls, without vulgarities. The video's final scene shows the girls walking further in the distance. An editor from The Age commented that the impact of the video for "Ya Soshla s Uma" was generally lukewarm. This resulted in the clip being banned on MTV Russia due to its propaganda-approach on lesbianism and gay rights ; a censored version was edited by Shapovalov, omitting any sexual references.

According to Jon Kutner, writing in his book UK Number One Hits, the idea of school girls behind an iron fence courted controversy nevertheless. It also included various scenes of people on-set helping with the music video's production, and one holding the wired fence. Lasting five minutes and 37 seconds, it showed an extended cut of the girls arguing next to the brick wall and walking around the corner to find the vast Khodynka Field with a clearer cityscape in the distance by the fourth minute. The ending of the video portrays t. Petersburgwhere it served as the concert's closing number. Virgin Media had listed the song on their most Sexiest Music Videos. She said "I remember when this video came out and being totally fascinated by it — the rampant portrayal of lipstick lesbianism on the music television channels during the day time.

The American magazine FHM ranked the video number thirty on their Sexiest Videos of All Time, saying "This video caused uproar across the world" and that the kissing scene was the highlight of the video. UK because it is not really suitable for children. However, the campaign failed.

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