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Driver’s license facial recognition tech leads to 4,000 New York arrests

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To help ensure the programs remain benevolent—at least in their intended purpose—Smith and a growing chorus of others have suggested softwqre their designated usage to the federal government. Facial recognition will be used by marketers too. Indeed, Smith and Microsoft have called on Congress to begin examining tough questions on who, exactly, should have final say on such a powerful tool, and just how far that authority should stretch.

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Protecting your personal information has never been more critical as leaks containing sensitive data of millions of people are not uncommon these days. Regulations put in place by Fzcial democratically elected body, they argue, are the fairest way to balance the potential for such extremes. And as of21 states have allowed law enforcement agencies ranging from local police to the FBI access to the databases to investigate other crimes. Facial scan systems, he said, could be a potent tool for good, helping reunite families with missing children or stop criminals in their tracks. Last month, Microsoft President Brad Smith added more fuel to that fire, penning a particularly prescient blog post on the subject.

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As such, the DMV has become a great collector of portraits—and recognjtion natural place for facial recognition programs to begin their database scans. Regulating the information will be challenging and keeping so much sensitive data under one roof would put enormous pressure on government agencies. Government databases will be a target not only for hackers but also for foreign states. Databases are integral for facial recognition programs to produce a positive ID.

Bridget Clerkin August 14, The DMV has become a great collector of portraits—and a natural place for facial recognition programs to begin their database scans. Such sentience is provided through facial recognition technology—a group of algorithms allowing computers to map out and remember our distinctive facial features with pinpoint aplomb. When entered into a computer—and once the pictures were adjusted to account for variation in angles—the calculations were able to identify a subject with startling accuracy. Government agencies say this is significant step forward in the battle against crime, illegal immigration, and terrorism as the new images will be compatible for facial recognition searches.

Is the DMV going to scan your face on your next field visit? But before we begin facing the difficulties on how our slftware can be used, we may want to take a long, hard look at ourselves. Those who choose not to drive still have a state ID. Artificial intelligence pioneer Woody Bledsoe—with a team of top scientists and modern computers—led the first testing of facial recognition technology as early as

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