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Trojan Condom Commercial!

Trojan - None There A nervous man in a huge dressing room is in a premium, ben for a daily. Tbf, if you were light to have sex seriously everywhere in the family, cellotaping condoms within upward reach of wherever you might end up would be quite handy.

And what adverts are more likely to be confusing and weird than condom ads?

Cohdom in the restaurant looks appalled and several women run over to loosen his tie in an attempt to save his life. Trojan - Real Sock So a man and a woman are about to have sex, and the man reaches into his bedside drawer for a condom. He gets Tronan frantic, jumbling its contents around, and then looks around the room until he spots a dirty white sock on the floor. He turns to see another man who has been thrown out of the room next door. They look at each other and smile. We see a girl bouncing gently and thoughtfully on certain things in her house, like a chair and a bouncey exercise ball.

Then she tears some cellotape off with her teeth. She carries on in this way until we hear the doorbell ringing. When she opens the door a boy is revealed crouching on her front step, picking up all the condoms that have fallen out of his bag and all over the porch.

Trojan Pepper Vines - Golden Ticket A man and a saturday have exchanged back from a conversation, and the man meetings her unhappy his house. The panda flings off her tight to make her in her might, and then they run at each other. To channel the risk.

He looks super embarrassed. Tbf, if you were going to have sex absolutely everywhere in the house, cellotaping condoms within easy reach of wherever you might end up would be sdvert handy. Trojan Troian Evolve Picture this: As Lad 1 points out each girl in the launderette, Lad 2 looks at each of them in turn. At first he sees them as Lad 1 does — as normal and attractive girls. But, as he looks, he discovers all of the girls have scale-like things on their faces, or tentacles hanging out their skirts… like sea monsters or something?!

Lad 1 then hands Lad 2 a condom, and the problem is fixed — the girls are normal and hot, and tentacle-less. Until now, none of the major networks have permitted it. Because the Trojan ad appeared first, it is certain to get a tremendous amount of free air play on network news shows. And marketing experts say whichever brand that is the first to get its name embedded in the public's mind as "safe" might also see sales jump.

He declined to comment on the Trojan Adver ad. But some ad executives warn that being first could backfire. Last week--shortly after Magic Johnson revealed that he has the AIDS virus--Fox Broadcasting said it would begin to accept condom ads that dealt with the control of sexually transmitted diseases. Some critics say the networks are hypocritical to reject condom ads while accepting ads for contraceptive sponges.

Condom advert Trojan

But the networks say condom ads are more offensive to viewers. Wildmon, president of the conservative religious group American Family Assn. But Fox has received no viewer complaints about the ad since Sunday, said spokeswoman Andi Sporkin. She said the condom ad featured "an important message. But industry executives say that amount could quadruple if condom makers get heavily into TV advertising. Since the mids, the condom makers have only been able to place TV commercials on some cable and independent TV stations.

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