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It is about the length of a full-size pickup truck, and the tackiness is completed by the "No Trespassing" sign nailed to its back fin. I should also note that I live in Duluth, MN, where it's winter 9 months out of the year, so by the time I am able to take it down, it'll be time for her to put a new one up! Near New Hope, PA. This discarded toilet has been there for well over a year, and some kind soul added the sign, should anyone need to 'rest. By the way, it occurs to me we've got a lot of flossers in Utah!

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Unsettling Juxtapositions in the Workplace Adrienne writes: At least the time is correct. Moreover, the two perpendicular signs on the corner the middle and right ones could easily be replaced by a single sign extending diagonally from the corner of the building. Many of the submissions fell into a few categories, which is how I'll organize them here.

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