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He fucked me hard. I had my eyes closed imagining James being there watching me, just like we fantasized. The others were playing pretty roughly with my tits, pulling my nipples, laughing and joking around. Suddenly I felt the dick in my pussy let loose. Whoever it was had a load. I could feel it filling me. I had already cum twice by then, but when Aaron let loose inside me I came again, a lot harder that I did the first 2 times. The guys rolled me over on my back and Thad pulled my legs up, positioned his hard cock between my legs and entered me. Suddenly a large, soft, wet dick was lying across my face, all sticky with cum. I looked up at Aaron kneeling above me and he told me to clean up his dick.

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Man, it was so hot. Aaron looked around the room and told the guys they better clean up or Steph would be mad when she got home in the morning. They quickly picked up the room and wiped up the floor. They pulled their clothes on, while I lay naked on the floor. When they were done they picked up my cloths and helped me to my feet.

They told me that Alex, there other roommate would be home by now and that he would probably would have blue balls. They told me I was coming over to their place for the night. They told me to leave Steph a note on the coffee table telling her that I took a cab home and would come back tomorrow to pick up my car. As dazed as I was, I told them they should grab my overnight bag in the spare bedroom, and they did. The guys fucked me everywhere: I did get some sleep for a few hours in the morning until my cell phone went off.

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