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But Parvati will still dating in claiming her third testy Ozcar in this staff and her 5th wholly, making her still the regional queen of the Ozcar lands. We deep connection Chelsea would easily find the top 3 also on she did in One Curdy.

This beautiful Amazonian winner complained that being beautiful is almost like having a hsinn, and well, maybe it is? Whatever the case, Jenna enters shinnn list at number 7. Brenda Lowe Nicaragua — 18 Votes Brenda the fighter. Just not Brenda nudf scrambler. Miss Lowe was a tough as nails character on Nicaragua and for a large portion of the game seemed like she was in control. Is it her mixed race looks, her beautiful eyes or that smoking body? Maybe 18 of you need to send this in to us while we just stare!

You could put the TV on mute, not care about the game Kekly just pay attention everytime she walked on screen in that yellow bikini. Probably the most entertaining aspect of the entire 22nd season. Sad really, well, actually no. We actually thought Chelsea would easily make the top 3 just like she did in One World. In fact many people were picking her as an underdog to even take the victory. Chelsea was a physical presence and loyal to the bone, and of course, something amazing to keep staring at each week! Do you even remember her strategy? Do you remember her game play? Plus she is still holding that Machete. That scares me enough that you should have to vote for her.

Always a beautiful contestant to watch, Julie is extremely popular outside of the show and is very active still within several of the main Survivor friendship groups. A top 10 finisher next year? Candice Cody Cook IslandsHeroes vs. New Entry Already with an Ozcar this year, Alexis certainly polled strongly in several categories this year and narrowly misses out on a top 10 spot in this list. New Entry Jefra takes a top 10 spot on her first try and ensures she beats Katie who beat her in the sexiest new female list already in this years awards. A certainty to appear on this list for many years to come, Jefra also makes sure that the female beauties from the beauty tribe all make an appearance on this list too!

We're here to kick your ass and wipe that smug smirk off your ridiculously curly head. No, it's not beer flavored nipples Shannon, it's the fact that she's missing a leg. Jesus, shut up already! Jughead, on the other hand, looks at the metal foot, scratches his head, and asks, "How do you tell it what to do? Care to help me hop along over there? She asks and the leg replies. Most of the tribe is sympathetic and inspired, but Nanook and Shannon are having none of it. That bum leg is Kelly's sympathetic ticket to the million.

Better she goes swiftly and in a timely manner. I wonder how they'll react if she tells them her dad died in the earthquake in Haiti. They'll probably jump her and beat her within an inch of her life. High fives all around! Now we arrive at the Immunity Challenge. The Erik Estradas are all smiles and raring Kelly shinn nude go after hearing their first Jimmy Johnson "kick their ass" speech and the Little Flowers are nowhere to be found. Then, we hear it. There's a faint, "Ooh ahh, ooh ahh" coming over the mountaintop. Is the Survivor set about to be trampled by indigenous head hunters from the Amazon?

It's just Little Flowers being remarkably douchetastic and reenacting a scene from Bring It On or something. Look, I like cheerleading movies as much as the next gal, but I keep my spirit fingers and Liberties to myself in the privacy of my own room. No need to parade that shit in front of Dimples and look like a tool. OK so for this challenge teams have to dump creepy colored water down sections of gutter and direct the water into a barrell. Once the barrell fills, puzzle pieces will drop, and the first tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity. The Erik Estradas also have an opportunity to use my cucuracha They decline the offer and decide to save the power for another day.

The Little Flowers get dumping on their urine water seriously, it was yellow while the Erik Estradas get going on their toilet blue water.

Di birds the bill and, as of now, she's my new marine. Being for a nozzle five!.

They stay neck in neck for the most part and in a nail biter of an ending when the Little Flowers screw up one of their pieces Brenda calls the Erik Estradas a bunch of old dummies for not using their power ok, maybe she didn't use those words, but the sentiment was shiinn same and the Kellly crowd Kelly shinn nude head back to their Keelly. The nuds question now is who to send home. Sasquatch sees this and sneaks off into the woods to take a nap then snort some meth and ritalin a killer combo. After his sleepy time and head rush he growled angrily at the sun and then came back hemming and hawing over how the stars blind people and Jimmy J. I don't know what Sasquatch's deal is, but his big ole bag of bullshit is growing old very quickly.

I don't give two shits if America voted him on this show. Most Americans are public school educated and think the Kardashians are worthy of being famous so what does that tell you? Let's fast forward to Tribal Council because I'm feeling a little long winded this morning. I can't help it. I finally have something worthwhile to recap so you'll have to forgive my extra paragraphs.

Nude Kelly shinn

OK so we're at Tribal and the flames are flickering, the orange light bathes Dimples Kelly shinn nude goodness, and we prepare to hear the innermost thoughts of the Erik Estradas. As if I couldn't love Jungle Jane anymore than I already do, she quotes a Dimples article where he said he didn't understand why anyone who didn't know how to make fire would bother coming on Survivor. Jane says she read that article, tattooed it on her ass, and then spent 2 months practicing how to make fire. Dimples is enchanted, I'm lying in my chaise lounge dipping my toes in glitter, and Jungle Jane t-shirts suddenly become a very viable business opportunity.

I love this lady! There was a bunch of other chitchat the centered around Jimmy J. Apparently, Sasquatch is unthrilled that he's not the center of attention. He's used to being a leader and doesn't appreciate Jimmy J. Eventually, talk to turns to Wendy and she's all fired up that no one has asked her her age. That's what bothers you Goat Lady? Look, I like the eccentric types and I can appreciate someone who's a little looney, but you kind of freak me out I think. In an effort to move things along, Dimples tries to get the tribe to vote, but Goat Lady has a few more things to say. It went something like this I'm really nice once you get to know me.

Yeah, you can trust me. Sometimes people say I talk too much, but that's just part of my niceness. I'm really a kind and loving person, but I'll also work hard, and you know I raise goats for a living and that's not exactly easy. Michelle Chase Season Now get off my back, will ya?! Candace Smith Season Tocantins The former Miss Ohio USA only lasted two weeks in the game, but there was always something very familiar about her. She also happens to take up the whole bed when she sleeps over. Sydney Wheeler Season Tocantins Man, I forgot how stacked this season was.

Thanks for helping to remind me, Sydney. Sierra Reed Season Tocantins Careful there, Sierra.

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