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Marsha was wearing a short tight skirt showing off her long muscular black legs and well rounded Lesbiaj, and a low-cut sleeveless top that displayed her bountiful chest with modest cleavage showing. Marsha was lively with a warm engaging outgoing personality, but her most striking physical quality was her somewhat large mouth with thick full lips that spread into the most infectious laugh and smile displaying beautiful straight white teeth. It felt wonderful as she swirled it within my mouth and then began a slow in and out motion, and I began sucking her thick full moist tongue as though it was a small cock. Marsha rode her orgasm with my tongue working her clit and my fingers deep inside as her body shook in passion and ecstasy.

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Marsha alternated between sucking my tongue as though she was trying to swallow it, to sucking my full mouth between seductioon massive lips. I pushed into it, as if trying to reach through to her belly button. I accumulated the juice from her throbbing pussy and held it in my mouth until it threatened to overflow. My mouth was wet for her and she lapped my pooling saliva back into her own mouth.

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