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Adult health checkup: Update on the Preventive Care Checklist Form©.

Turbulent frequent pap exchanges are indicated for searching risk sediments. Pick one new construction from the checklist and sturdy it at your next morning. You are already throbbing on adult responsibilities.

Answer the following questions to find out some of the simple things you are already doing or can start doing for better management of your own health care! I can tell you about my PKU and explain my special health care needs.

I know what my diet should include and should not include. Checklost you need help, don't hesitate to ask a friend, parent, nurse, social worker or doctor! In addition to the above, women should perform breast self-exams every month to detect any changes in their breast tissue. More frequent pap smears are indicated for high risk patients. I can get myself to my medical appointments. Make it easy and schedule your Annual Physical Exam at a MedSpring center where the service is available: You are ready to transition to adult health care!

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Dental Appointment 2 approximately 6 months after your first appointment Vaccinations — Flu shot recommended annually chedklist, best to obtain healtj October before flu season hits — HPV vaccine 3 doses for young women — Meningitis vaccine if recommended — Some may also need to obtain the following vaccines: Once you are over 50, add a few additional screens: I know the basics of PKU treatment. If I do take formula, I know the name of the formula. I respond to questions from my health care providers.

For men Cholesterol screen every five years at age 35 and above. You are already taking on adult responsibilities. I know how to prepare my own foods.

Health checklist Adult

Those with certain conditions may need to monitor their blood pressure more frequently. For women Cholesterol screen every five years at age 45 and above. I know who to call in case of an emergency. I have discussed sexuality issues with my provider. For women Annual pelvic exam and clinical breast exam with your primary care physician or, for some, gynecologist A pap smear is done every three years for women 21 — 65 years of age unless of an absence of the uterus and cervix due to surgical removal total hysterectomy.

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