How can i prevent breast califications

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What Causes Breast Calcifications?

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They are not linked with cancer and do not need any treatment or monitoring. Micro-calcifications What are micro-calcifications? They are tiny deposits of calcium in the breast tissue that show up as fine white specks on a mammogram. How common are they?

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Micro-calcifications are very common. How are they found? Micro-calcifications can be seen on a mammogram. Unless you Hwo a mammogram, you would be unaware that califucations have them. Do they turn into cancer or increase the risk of cancer? Usually, micro-calcifications are not due to cancer. However, in a small number of cases, a group of micro-calcifications caj in peevent area a cluster calificatioons be a sign of pre-cancerous changes in the breast or of an early breast cancer. What is done about them? If your mammogram shows that there are calcifications, a doctor who specialises in reading X-rays Howw scans a radiologist will look at the size, shape and pattern of calcifications to decide if any further tests or investigations are needed.

If micro-calcifications are found, you may be asked to come to an assessment clinic to have a close-up mammogram magnification views of the affected area and sometimes an ultrasound. Depending on the results of this, the radiologist may recommend: This is done using an ultrasound or a mammogram linked to a computer, which produces detailed images pictures of the breast tissue and helps the doctor to guide the needle to the area of the calcification. What the needle biopsy might show 1. I totally get this. Jolie will likely also have a bilateral ovariectomy as her risk of ovarian cancer is similarly increased as a carrier of this gene.

But most women will not benefit from brca gene testing as most women do not have it, says the U. So how do the rest of us prevent breast cancer? Clearly a double mastectomy is not indicated for all of us with breasts — it is major surgery with attendant risks and most of us will never develop breast cancer and do not carry the brca 1 or brca 2 genes that increase breast cancer risk. Yet we, too, are at risk.

The ones that brexst not califixations us are the ones we can take on and take control of. We are not powerless in that we can make choices, as did Jolie, to protect our health. Prevention may in fact be the most calofications way we can take control calificagions our health. These practices are your daily health affirmation so that breast cancer prevention is just a Ho part How can i prevent breast califications a healthy way of life! Eat only high quality, natural foods, and include olive k and dark leafy greens every day Processed, fast food, and nutrient deficient diets have co-arisen with calificatons cancer rates.

Prevenr there a correlation? Is there any harm in eating a healthy diet? And we do know that diets rich in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and good quality fats, particularly olive oil, can help to reduce damage to your genes and protect against breast cancer. A number of large studies have looked at the role of fats in the diet. Two other European studies also suggested a protective effect of olive oil. One of these studies also showed an increased risk of breast cancer in women who consumed saturated fat.

I recommend 2 Tbs of olive oil daily. A low fat diet, rich in insoluble fiber, has been shown to decrease the circulation of estrogens between the intestines and the liver and decrease plasma estrogen levels, thereby potentially reducing the risk of hormone-related cancers. Vegetarians with a high lignan diet do in fact appear to have lower rates of breast cancer. A high intake of seeds and whole grains may have a cancer protective effect. Vegetables in the Brassicacae family, including broccoli, kale, collard greens, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and mustard greens can be eaten daily, cups per day, for their specific ability to help detoxify and eliminate estrogen, a culprit in some breast cancers, as well as other environmental toxins.

These vegetables are also high in fiber, speaking of which… …A high fiber diet, particularly fiber from vegetables rather than fruits and grains is part of our detox system, which I will describe below, and can assist in the elimination of endogenous and environmental hormones and other chemicals that can disrupt that physiology of the breast, affect our genes, and lead to cancer. Avoid artificial ingredients and processed foods. Our genes have co-evolved with plant and animal based foods over millions of years, and are highly specialized to maintain our health.

Studies on the contribution of dairy products to breast cancer have been mixed. There is a great deal of conjecture that the hormonal residues in dairy from growth factors fed to dairy cows may contribute to tumor growth though this has not been thoroughly evaluated in humans; one study showed a protective effect from dairy consumption, attributed to the protective effects of vitamin D. While the jury is still out on the role of dairy products on breast cancer, eating organic dairy free of growth hormone is important should you choose to consume it.

Soy is a controversial food in the natural health world. Its pros and cons are discussed separately. Some time ago the medical community believed that plaque in the heart could not be prevented. Now the medical community generally believes that it can be. And even though there now is strong evidence that it also can be reversed, many doctors do not address this possibility with their patients. People are reversing it. The fact that they've done it has been established with before and after heart scans using a special low dosage x-ray -- hard, reliable data.

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What Is a Coronary Calcium Scan? The addition of Vit Czlifications and D3 in combination has recently been recognized as a possible way to do this even more effectively. I'm discussing these documented effects on the heart because research indicates Vit K and D3 in combination affect the the distribution of calcium throughout the body.

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