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In my opinion, there are many benefits to wearing a girdle; they come in many lengths, structures, colours, and styles and can be selected according to the accompanying outerwear. However, times have changed and there is much less stigma attached to girdles, garter belts, and stockings. We have the trusting dupe ready to be fired at by the slick professionals as they prove their power and skill.

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Girdles vintage Vintage girdle, glamour

Download vintage girdle catalog scanstorrents. What do you think of wearing retro shapewear? Do your fittings with your foundation garments ON. Retro shapewear is still produced by a handful of companies, most notably Rago in the U.

For her, they would have been outdated, unfashionable, and excessively restrictive garments of the past… especially when the mood of the time was all about liberation, and the feminist movement was prevalent. We aspire to encourage talent within the pin-up world. Girdle catalog scans - By the costsharing Thermapen promo code needs suite different people.

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