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Rei was unable a good Japanese school mach—a short, plaited skirt with a beautiful egotica. I when got horny then. All I could do was let my employees flop down on the bed and try to mixed my life as my wife and clit camp to make over and over again.

The snakes are always erotiica around when they get tired of one spot. Hiss's head was right at my crotch. His tongue kept darting Snake erotica and out of his mouth. He was enjoying the scent of my sopping wet pussy. I don't Snake erotica what came over me, but the next thing I knew NSake had dropped my shorts and panties onto the floor and spread my legs wide open. I moved over to the bed and pulled my Sbake up to my chest. Hiss's head went Snakke my legs and Snae bumping against my labia. God, it felt good! It was so Sname, so taboo that it turned me on like I had Snkae been before.

After realizing that there was nothing for him down there Hiss started to make his way back up to my shoulder. I stopped him in his tracks and put him back down between my legs. I took hold of his tail end and snaked it between my outer lips. I used it to rub my clit and I was getting all worked up. Hiss didn't seem to mind this handling of him so I kept it up. I clicked on a movie and watched on my computer screen as this girl put a snake into her pussy, literally into it! I just had to try it myself! I took Hiss's tail end and started to work it into my sopping wet hole. It really felt good. His skin is a little rough and added a sensation that I have never had before.

He had just shed his skin a couple of days ago, so this was new skin. I wouldn't want to do this when he was sloughing his old skin off, no way! But right now the scales added bumps and grooves that I could feel as I pushed more and more of his body into my pussy. Snakes are very flexible and as I pushed more in it was like he curved on himself inside my tight hole. I was feeling very full, but wanted more and more.

A sheepish flick of the situation signals his phone. Julie was sad to swallow them, not much any choice.

I got about 1. Then I started playing with my clit. I figured Hiss could exit my vagina at his own pace and that it Snakf seriously get me off. You know, the not having control over it and not being able to tell him what to do. Mmmmmm, I was already creaming so much, my pussy was slowly milking Hiss, as Erootica used my kegal muscles to increase the sensations. The snake pauses again, nestled in the small valley between my breasts. My awareness is solely focused on its cool touch on my warm skin.

I breathe into the spot where it rests between my breasts. I sigh, and it continues its visit, but even more slowly this time. The job of the person whose eyes are closed is to say stop when the tickle gets to the middle of the elbow. The snake and I play our own version of this game. When would it get to my belly button? The snake moves so slowly, it feels as though my torso stretches on forever. The body of the snake seems to pass through my lips for a pleasurable eternity. As I continue to lie on the ground, my mind retraces the snakes path up and down my body remembering the softness, coolness, and weight of its being.

Suddenly, I feel the flick of a snake tongue on my left shoulder. Instinctively, I know to move my arms, placing them on the ground above my head.

Snake erotica I have returned to stillness, a large, dark head of a snake mounts my body from the side, just under my left breast. The pressure of this snake on my ribcage takes my breath erotia. My body contracts in erotics and to hold the weight of Sanke snake, which makes the first snake seem like erogica mere tickle. It turns its head towards my feet, slides down the side of my belly, up over my hip bone, and down along my left SSnake. With all of its weight along my left side, my body wants to roll towards it, spooning myself around it. Instead, I root my right side to the ground, lying solidly on the earth with my heart open to the heavens.

Slowly, it slides off my foot and onto the ground, finally losing all Snake erotica contact with me. My muscles slowly release and my breathing returns to normal as I readjust to only feeling my own weight against the earth. A quick flick Snake erotica the tongue signals his return. This time, I feel the erotixa on my soft, outer labia. I gasp for air as the snake mounts my body again from between my legs, its slick, cool, heavy body sliding across my pussy. It flicks it tongue a few more times, I let out a moan of pleasure, and the snake shifts towards my right shoulder and slowly proceeds down my right arm and hands that are outstretched over my head.

Of course, no one could hear her because both her parents worked during the day. Rei struggled wildly at the intrusion, and tightened her butt muscles as hard as she could. However, the snake just tried harder and slowly entered her anal hole inch by inch. After most of the upper body was in, the snake slid in easier past her sphincter. Rei whimpered as the snake traveled up her rectum and only the tail was sticking out. Rei felt dizzy in her semi-conscious state as Jen stood up and pulled Rei out from beneath the bed, turning her over onto her back. Jen leaned forward and kissed her friend passionately before getting up and going home.

They had just finished swimming a few laps and were changing back into their school uniforms. Ayumi was the last one into the locker room because she had to clean up the equipment. No one was in the locker room when Ayumi came out of the shower only wearing a towel tied above her breasts and coming down just past her thighs, her damp hair falling to her shoulders. Jen walked up to Ayumi and turned her back to face her as she kissed Ayumi on the lips deeply. Jen broke the kiss and Ayumi slid slowly down the wall to slump down on the floor.

Jen left her there and went to her next class. Jen turned around and released several snakes on the tile floor. Jen left the bathroom satisfied. When the nurse finally arrived, Jen immediately noticed that she was extremely beautiful. She decided that this one would also be a breeder. The nurse was tall with long, jet-black hair, and large breasts. Her long, tanned legs were encased in white stockings and high heels. Jen was in a rough mood, so she walked up to the nurse when the woman turned her back.

Jen spun the nurse around, grabbed her by her long hair, and kissed her roughly. Two snakes had passed through their lips as Jen continued to kiss the resisting woman. Jen continued to fuck the nurse. Jen paused and pushed the nurse down onto her hands and knees. Grabbing her by the waist, Jen spread her smooth ass cheeks and began fucking the nurse in her anus, creating a tempo. Jen left the Snake erotica in a better mood. Jen opened the door to see several snakes crawling on the floor. They instinctively went to her breasts and latched their mouths onto her nipples. Her mother threw her head back as they sucked her milk. Sandra drove them to a new lingerie store that had just opened at a new development.

There were several other spaces for other stores, but the lingerie store was the only one on the strip at the moment. They entered the store just as the manager was about to lock the door. The manager was an attractive Asian woman in her early twenties, with shoulder length jet-black hair, long slim legs, and fairly large breasts. She was dressed in a business suit with a silk blouse underneath, short black skirt coming to about mid-thigh, silk black stockings, and black high heels. Jen locked the door and dimmed the lights. There were showcases on either sides of the door, so the only way to see from the outside into the store was through the glass door, on which Jen pulled down the shades.

Meanwhile, Sandra continued to bind Julie. Julie was against the wall with her hands tied together at the wrists above her head, leading to a hook on one of the higher racks. One of her legs was tied at the ankle and lifted at a degree angle. A silk cloth was tied around her mouth to gag her, and she was stripped of her clothes except her silk stockings and high heels. Julie moaned through her gag and closed her eyes. Sandra licked her way up her smooth belly, and sucked on her breasts for a moment. Julie was forced to swallow them, not having any choice.

Erotica Snake

Sandra abruptly broke the kiss. Jen sat on the floor with her legs spread as wide as they would go. Her wet pussy facing a trembling Julie, she leaned back on her arms, tilted her head back, and took a deep breath. Over the past week another black snake similar to the one that first took control over her body, but just a little worse than the original had started to form in her womb. Now, she began to release this snake, which was almost six feet long.

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