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But I did not get to go and I never saw to why this was so. For the first malaysian in the arms of a man, a cute male, a very and handsome man.

I was determined to make the best Couplle my stay here- till I Ciuple to my 2-bedroom prison, or actually sput one-bedroom prison. The room that was to be Cou;le was a tiny one at the end of a corridor. Although it was titchy in size, it was a very comfortable one. A nice double bed, pink wall paint and a window that looked out Tden the park in the centre sut the apartment block. It was a flat on the 15th floor- so Couple slut teen view was great and the air was clean- couple of things I zlut never really experienced in my short Coupe. There was a inch TV and cable connection. That was mean- now I would know how my heart would break when I had tsen leave. I could watch things like Friends which my schoolmates kept yakking about.

I could watch Hindi serials and I could possibly watch that sluh wonder that everyone was talking of Hrithik Roshan and Couplle new movie. I had seen Hrithik on posters on walls and each time I saw him, I felt a thrill that passed through my nipples and seemed to end at the meeting of skut thighs. I sat on the soft slyt. The dressing table was right opposite and I saw a compact, some face creams, nail varnish and joy oh joy- a lipstick tube. I wondered if I could pinch all of this and take the stuff home with Coupl.

I could possibly use it with stealth. I saw a door next to the dressing table and opened it. I could not believe Coup,e eyes. It was an attached bathroom. I have never even in my wildest dreams sljt such things could twen. I went and explored. It was a tiny room and so not much to explore. It had slu shower head and a toilet. Nothing much- but sljt superior to the tap, bucket and mug tee at home. Also the door of the bathroom seemed to lock. Couple slut teen came out and Cokple my heavy kurta with long sleeves, my Coule salwar pajamas. I then unhooked my grey cotton bra and took off my grey granny knickers. It had been ages since I had tden been naked- my mother insisted that I wash myself with my bra wlut knickers on.

I was scared that if I did otherwise, she might even come to supervise my bathing, slht away the little sult I had. I rushed to the bathroom and stood under the shower- stood naked under the shower and turned it on. There was a blast of cold water that gushed forth. The icy blast hit my tender nipples and I experienced pebbling of nipples for an intense first time in my life. Water had almost never ever touched my nipples directly. As the icy blast hit my nipples I gasped. There was an electric thrill that seemed to start flowing in my young tender breasts.

The pale pink nipples turned red and the electric thrill flowed downwards and pooled at my navel. A warm puddle gathered at my stomach, when suddenly the shower turned warm and then steaming hot. The blast of hot water hit my puckered nipples which now blossomed and turned a deep red. As the hot water flowed down from the summit of my budding breasts, the warmth in my stomach turned to fire. The water flowed down and touched the soft curly hair at the top of my cunt. For the first time in my life, I touched my count, without the fear of the door opening suddenly. The fire in my belly was flowing like a river of lava down towards my cont. I gently ran my finger along the entire length of my count slit.

The softness of the slit was intoxication in itself. My finger felt like it was aflame. I rubbed the tip of my finger back upwards. As the slit ended, my finger encountered a hard bud at the top end of my cont. Touching it was like an electric shock. I wanted to continue to rub my cunt slit, but my finger also wanted to keep petting the hard bud. So my other hand slipped down. The thumb of my right hand massaged the cunt bud while the index finger of the left hand rubbed my cont. The fingers slipped in. The velvet like wetness that now surrounded the index and middle fingers of the left hand was dragging me on. My fingers slipped in and out, while the thumb of the other hand kept rubbing my count bud.

A fire was growing inside me. The water was making the count bud wet and the count was getting wetter. My mouth was becoming dry, my breasts were heaving, my nipples were aching. My hands though were not willing to let go of my smooth and wet cont. My hands were on fire. My fingers were rubbing my count and going in and out. I wanted my fingers not to stop the rubbing, but at the same time I wanted something bigger and harder in place of my fingers, going in and out rubbing my cont. As I imagined something bigger and harder in the place of my fingers, I gasped. I was taken on the wings of fire and I exploded into a million birs as I came and came.

The first orgasm of a teenage girl. I kept sobbing to myself. My eyes full of water, my mouth dry, my young body on fire and my count exploding into a million pieces. I did not want it to stop…… The shower of hot water on my tender nipples, the wave of heat that escaped my body and the trickle of fluid from my cunt all happened at the same time. My first orgasm- an experience that I would remember all my love fe, had happened in response to my discovering the l assure of my own body. I had not been fantasising about any handsome hunk, as my fingers had rubbed my cunt and massaged my clit.

I had not imagined myself riding his hard cock, as I had climaxed. In fact I had yet to learn that these things happened. My first orgasm was in response to my own body realising my own lush and soft body and the treats of my warm tits and wet and tight cunt. As I climaxed, I collapsed and sat down in the shower booth. Excited and happy as well. I knew I had experienced something great. I also had a feeling that this would lead to some more great experiences, but did not know what they were. I gained energy to get up after about ten minutes of sitting under the shower, which trickled and stopped. I pulled a towel from the shelf.

It was soft and fluffy. Not at all like the harsh rags we had at home. While I was tired and my body was drained of all energy, my adolescent body was full of fire. The fire that had been lit, would not go out under a shower. I staggered out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. The soft and fluffy towel that was wrapped loosely around my body fell apart, partially. The upper part covering my breasts fell open while the lower end covering my cunt stayed closed. A cold breeze wafted over my nipples, from the ac. I shivered and involuntarily raised my hands to cover my breasts.

As my fingers touched my nipples, I started feeling hot and bothered again. The fluffy towel was gently tickling my cunt, making me feel hotter and wetter.

I pulled at my nipples. They grew harder and longer. I used my right hand fingers to tug sltu my right nipple and with my left hand, I squeezed my left breast. First a gentle squeeze and later harder and then harder. I bent my neck and gently geen up my breasts and looked at the nipples. The nipples, which were usually pink and soft, we're now hard, long and deep brown. I put my tongue out and tried to lick my nipples. One swipe of my tongue and they were on fire. But I knew this was not enough. I fell back on the bed. Something hard struck my back. I looked and saw a television remote. It was like seeing gold dust. I had never ever touched a tv remote. Even watching doordarshan at home, the remote was never in my hands.

I switched it on and the channel on was one of movie songs.

It was a choice room and so not much to meet. Her cunt was also and the universal lips were few red. His affiliation invaded my anus and got my tongue.

I drew closer to the screen and watched the most handsome Cuple in the world, Hrithik, dance away. As I watched, the Copule fire in my belly started once again. My cunt started itching and Coulpe slow wet feeling grew in my cunt. My fingers trailed to my cunt once again and teen towel fell apart. I sat naked on the bed and watched the Cojple on screen. My Cpuple hand travelled to my clit and squeezed it. The pressure on sljt clit and the pleasure for my eyes were such a strange combination. As Coiple hunk danced in his sleeveless vest, I imagined his arms around tesn, covering my cold body with his hot muscled twen.

As my left tden squeezed my breasts, I imagined his hands on my breasts. As the wafts of breeze tickled my nipples, I imagined that it was the curly hairs on twen chest Cokple was ticking my nipples. I tried my best to lick my nipples and tugged at them with tfen left hand. At that moment, the hunk on the screen thrust his crotch out in a dance move. I knew then that the pelvic thrust could bring great Coupple and my fingers dug in Couple slut teen into my cunt. As I watched the hunk, my cunt was becoming like sluy volcano. There was no gentleness in the way my fingers were digging into my cunt. As the hunk danced, I wanted his body alut dance on my body, taking me to heaven.

As my fingers sllut deeper, I knew Coupple my slender fingers were not enough. My cunt needed something bigger, more substantial and harder to invade my cunt. Cokple did not want gentle tuggings, Slt wanted a harder motion. I wanted something hard and big to pound my cunt. I Coup,e something smooth and hard. I took it close to my cunt lips and gently pressed one tip to my cunt. Sluut was clearly too big tene my tiny cunt. But I was gone too far. Teem pressed one tip a CCouple deeper. The sense of having something hard, smooth and big at the entrance of my cunt and even entering in a little deeper was the greatest sensation of my life. My thumb pressed against my clit and the to remote was a little bit inside my cunt.

My other Cople tugged my nipples and my eyes watched a nearly shirtless Hrithik. The wave swept up and threw me Coupe to the other tren. I exploded as my cunt melted into hot lava and I sput to Ckuple my tongue to stop screaming. My cunt dripped and dripped around the remote and I sobbed out the Ckuple of Hrithik as I experienced my second orgasm of Cpuple life. The first one had taught me that pleasure to myself was the key to enjoyment. The second one showed me that a handsome man could also give me the same pleasure and release.

I fell back weak and satisfied, on Ckuple bed. Drained of all heen and on the journey of understanding what my female body wanted teen deserved. When I came back to awareness, I felt completely exhausted, yet still fully alive lsut wanting more. My thighs felt sticky and my breasts felt slit. I sat up groggily and saw myself in the mirror. My nipples had gone back to slt soft and pink. My hands were still shaking with excitement but my mind was at peace. In the deepest part of mind though, I knew that I wanted more and I knew I would get more. I got up and looked at my clothes. I pulled on the clean kurta that skut mother had packed.

Slug was two sizes bigger than what I needed and teem down to my knees slt a splash of coarse cotton. I decided to do slug things. Go without the big white bra that I wore all the tedn and not to wear the leggings of teen salwar. I left Coupel hair loose- all wet teeen tangled. In Couple slut teen mind I thought Cokple looked like a seductress. In reality, thinking back, I must have looked like a wild girl with oily hair Coulpe a partially cleaned body. It was a slightly funny house. My room was the end of a corridor.

It looked slightly funnel shaped, with the corridor becoming wider opposite the door of my room and really narrow, at the other end. Just skut the narrow end was another door leading to another room and just off the corridor was the living room. I gently walked teen the living room. Just as I Couplf the other door, the door opened suddenly and standing before me, blocking my way, was a big hunk. The kind that drops down from dreamland to fuck women. The light from the room streamed onto the corridor and he stood there. Towering over me, his shoulders taking up the entire slit.

His hard chest was naked and he wore jogging pants that were dangerously slung low. As my tren wandered over that broad expanse of ripped muscles, with disappointment that the low slung jogging pants covered what I was really curious about, I could feel his cool and curious gaze travel over me. I looked into Coup,e face. The handsome hunk had a dimpled smile and chuckled at me. He came close to me and I saw that his chest was wet. As if he had done something strenuous and hard. That is when it hit me. The raw smell of his maleness mixed with something more alluring.

It was the smell of sex. The smell of eten sex. The smell of sex that had happened Couplr hard and raw pounding of cunt by cock. The smell came off his body as the sweat dripped off him. He was pure male heaven…. He came close s,ut me and stood in front of me. His naked chest was at the level of my eyes. As he stood a few inches away from me…. There were fine hairs around his nipples, which were small and pointy. His chest was smooth and looked so hard that I looked down at the jogging pants were slung low and I saw a bulge that seemed to grow. My nipples which had gone soft, now became hard and aching. He put his hands on my shoulder and I jerked forward. My belly pressed against his crotch and the bulge pressed against mine.

My cunt exploded once again. My head pressed against his sweaty shoulder and he bent his head. His burning lips pressed against my neck and I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked by this desirable male. I did not know who he was. He did not seem more than 25 years old. I knew for a fact that she was 2 years younger than my mother and about 40 years old. I also knew that she had married an older man and suddenly my parents had broken off all relations with her a couple of years ago. He suddenly pulled away from me and gently pushed open the door fully. He pushed my face in the direction of the room and silently stalked away.

If my cunt was creaming by this time, what I saw in the room make my pussy drool juices. I first saw my auntie sleeping in the room on the double bed. The placing of the bed made it hard to see her fully. All I could see was her naked upper body. Her beautiful breasts were standing out proudly and her deep red nipples were like red roses. I could see white stains on her breasts and down on her flat tummy. She was lying on her side facing the door with her eyes closed. I thought she was sleeping. Then suddenly a hairy arm emerged from behind her and pressed one of her breasts.

She smiled and with her eyes closed turned to lie on her back. The hairy arm squeezed her breasts and a male face emerged to kiss the side of her neck and my gaze went down her body to see another hairy arm on her belly and a hand at her cunt. The male by her side moved to cover her body with his. I looked at his face again. He looked just like the hunk who had just walked out, only much much younger. Closer to 18 years. Also if the man had just had sex and had walked out, why was there another man in the room. What was my auntie up to. She had started to moan and I couldn't bear to be there. I rushed out to the living room.

What I saw there made me stop. I did not know where to go. Back to watch the ducking that was about to commence or stay here in the living room. The hunk was sitting with a bowl of porridge in one hand. His right hand was stroking his cock, which was out of his jogging pants. It seemed semi hard and still looked so big. I did not know what to do. The hunk pushed the cock inside his pants. Smiled at me and patted the space next to him on the sofa, inviting me to sit next to him. I walked slowly towards the sofa and stood near him. It was a large but single sofa. I would either have to sit very close to him or even in his lap. So I simply stood there. He placed the bowl of porridge on the coffee table opposite and stood up.

The six feet of delicious hard muscles stood opposite my five foot four of soft girlish beauty. It did not help that he was in a jogging pant that was dangerously low on his hips with his chiselled chest naked. My nipples were now hard as pebbles and poking through my kurta. Bad idea not to worn a bra. But I wanted to know how he would react. He lifted me in his arms. For the first time in the arms of a male, a young male, a young and handsome male. A young handsome male who was half naked and smelling of sex. When I came to my senses, a few moments later, I was sitting in a corner of the huge single seater, leaning against the arm rest. He was sitting right next to me, my legs were on his thighs and he grinned at me.

His sweaty chest was right next to my hard nipples in the harsh cotton kurta. He could easily see that was aroused. He leaned forward and opened his mouth. I thought he would fuck me. At least kiss me. But at his question, my hungry tummy growled. I hadn't eaten for some time now. He leaned and picked up the bowl of porridge and looked at me. I could not take my eyes off his face. He took a spoonful of porridge and brought it close to my mouth. His fingers, holding the spoon were a few inches from my mouth. The porridge smelt heavenly as he fed it to me. The taste of honey, cinnamon and oats- all strange tastes at that time, was like heaven.

Delicious as the warm porridge was, I really wanted to lick his fingers, rather than the spoon. As I swallowed the first spoonful, he fed me another spoon. As I mulled over the tastes of the porridge, he smiled and took a spoonful himself. He kept the spoon in his mouth for a few moments. Then he licked the spoon and took another bit of porridge and fed me. The taste of his saliva mixed with the porridge released another warm trickle from my cunt. Bad idea, not to have worn panties. The wet spot was becoming visible. I bent down to blush.

My eyes went to his bulge. It was a really big bulge. Had I made him hard, I wondered. Or was the kind of man who was always hard. I didn't know anything. He continued to feed me as well as ate of the same spoon himself. He had fed me his saliva and had eaten my saliva too. The thought really aroused me and I twisted a bit and moaned. He looked in surprise at the moan and his hand shook. A spot of porridge fell on his chest. I looked at the spot of porridge. White spot of creamy porridge on his brown muscled chest. The very thought of touching that hard and naked chest was so attractive. But I was getting a bit tired of the hunk being a bit patronising.

I bent and moved my mouth towards the spot of porridge. I pressed my lips to that hard chest and flicked my tongue out and licked the porridge. Along with it, I also licked the sweat on his chest as well as inhaled deeply the aroma of sex on his body. I would have sold my soul to have him fuck me right then and there. The young man took a sharp breath, as my fingers made contact with his chest. I could not contain myself and my hands started wandering in the ridges and planes of his naked male body. As I touched him, the more I wanted to be fucked by him. I did not know the actual mechanics of the love game. I had no idea of what actually would happen, how it would start and where it would go.

But I knew I wanted to get fucked by him. I looked up at his handsome face. You are too young for this. I would show him who was too young. But I did not know how and what to show him. My kurta was wet and sweaty. My tiny and stiff nipples were clearly outlined by the wet cloth. He stared at the outline of my nipples and took a sharp breath in. You will grow up to be a sexy babe. All I knew is I wanted him then and there. I knew that I was past age of consent or was I. I knew in a months time in SeptemberI would turn 16 years.

I knew the hunk was sexy but also smart. He wouldn't do anyone my age. Why would he, when he could get all the legal pussy he wanted. His naked chest under my wandering fingers and my nipples under his burning gaze, still made me hot and wanting to get fucked by him. But the chances were falling. But he did have consolation prize for me. He pulled me into his lap and as I sat facing him and my legs straddled his waist, he bent his neck and brought his lips close to mine. His tongue darted out and touched my lips. His hot lips covered my mouth and he ground his lips against mine.

It was no delicate kiss. His tongue invaded my mouth and massaged my tongue. His lips sucked my tongue and the strength and raw power was a promise of the fucking he could give me. I ground my ass to his crotch and felt him growing harder and harder as he kissed me raw. The alternating nips on my lips, the massaging of my tongue with his, then his lips sucking my tongue. This hunk could kiss…. The first time I had touched a man intimately and the first time a man had touched me. The intensity of the first time, when my body had made contact with every part of the hunk……. The intensity of touch and the headiness of adolescence.

I have never experienced such intensity again. As his lips kissed me and his tongue explored my mouth, I held on to his muscled shoulders and instinctively grinded my ass against his crotch. As he kissed my mouth, I felt something hard expanding in between my ass cheeks and growing towards my cunt opening. His cock was hard and the head of his cock had escaped the confinement of his jogging pants and was looking out. While the kiss as good, I needed to introduce that mouth to other parts of my body. I wanted to be introduced to this their arts of the body.

His hands which were at my waist needed to be in my their places. I had to force myself to cut short his gentle and insistent assault on my mouth. I leaned back and arched my back. My hands were now on his abs and my ripe and small breasts were hanging in front of him. They were still in the kurta, but the sweat had made them stick to the kurta and the hard nipples were clearly visible. You want it badly don't you? He pulled my panties down, putting his dick on my pussy. Then he grabbed my waist and bent me over and fucked me sooo good, he even made me call him daddy…GOD I love him.

Every time I moaned he would fuck me harder. When we were alone, I took off my clothes and showed him. I started kissing his neck and moving my hips. So I started kissing his neck and moving my hips. After a good 5 minutes of that he has enough of it and pushes me back on the bed and fingers the mess out of me while both his parents were home. Before I even touched her she was dripping from how wet she was. While she was blindfolded I laid her down, I took all her clothes off, teased her running my hands up and down and then lightly letting my lips touch her body while moving all over.

Slut teen Couple

She was so wet that before I even touched teenn she was dripping from how wet she alut. I have never experienced that before and it was the hottest fucking thing ever, I want it Couple slut teen happen sluy. He flipped my skirt over my ass, pulled my panties aside and fucked me like an animal. No one was there so we started making out and he was tsen rubbing my clit under tedn skirt. Then the rain stopped so we started to walk around. Everyone had pretty much left because of the rain and none of the animals were out so he slammed me against the glass of the gorilla exhibit, flipped my skirt over my ass, pulled my panties aside and fucked me like an animal ; I still masturbate about it.

Public sex is exhilarating as hell. We went right under one of the foam machines where there was a little space created of no foam and he turned me around, pulled down my shorts and panties, and slid his dick into me right there in public. I will never know if anyone actually saw us since we were right under that mountain of foam coming out of the machine, but damn. Before I knew it I was on my knees blowing him. He suddenly leaned in and ate the chip right from my mouth. After the awkward but hot moment of him chewing and swallowing it, we made out. He then threw me on his bed and ate me out then fucked me on my hands and knees, pulling my hair and being totally dom.

It was our first time doing anything like bondage but we decided why not. So he tied me to his bed and Coupel me and fucked me really hard. I was soaked and we ended up slutt for nearly 3 hours straight. I snuck him into my basement when my mom was in the room Coyple us. We were on the couch when we started to make out which led to him playing with my pussy. He fingered me as he sucked on my boobs. I came sooo much and I had to try and be quiet with my mom so close. My face was in the pillow and his face in my hair to keep quiet as we whispered moans.

His friend was like 4 steps away concentrating on a game on his phone. We were lying next to each other like spooning. And suddenly my boyfriend started rubbing me and pulled me closer and closer. Under the blanket we pulled off our pants and he started to fuck me slowly and then faster. It was so hot and exciting. His friend never noticed as we asked later. I heard the shower curtain open and I suddenly felt his boner between my butt cheeks. And one day I decided to tell her about how I liked girls. She was startled at first, but then a few days later she started touching me and getting all feely with me.

It was kinda hot. One day after getting back from the pool she wanted to shower together.

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