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How to buy your first vintage motorcycle

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It didn't take long before Kenny's name was in the magazines. His bikes exhibited a level of attention to detail that made their mark.

I've pressed to pages with it and free that its cobbled one of life's horner moments. Presumably free engine with new cc wing and piston, muse new twin port flies, gaze bored, new bearings I had to make a stark qualified CEO to hearing the funds necessary to date.

There is only so much that you can do positively to an older engineering design. I think I pushed past those limitations. Our Robb Report ads were definitely working, along with the magazine articles, we became swamped with work. Vintage Rebuilds was now a business, with employees, deadlines, deliveries, shows, etc. Every article brought a new rush of business; it was getting difficult to stay on top of. I was building bikes for some very wealthy clientele. Ollie had business investments here in Oregon, so he was out here frequently. This guy calls me and said he read about my Nortons in a magazine and wanted me to build one for him. Only he had a list of requirements that he wanted.

For starters, the bike had to do mph, have great amounts of carbon fiber, and this was only 2 of the huge list of items. He said he was coming out to Oregon, and would stop by and see me. Ollie wasn't like the other customers. Ollie wanted to build 50 bikes and sell them. Building one or two at a time, ok, but 50!!!??? The next monumental event was the September cover of Cycle World Mag. Kenny had been twice featured previously in Cycle World. Along with the September issue of Cycle World came a "cease and desist" order from the Aqulini's Investment Group out of Canada, the then current holders of Norton's trademarks.

Ollie reassured Kenny that he dealt with those types every day, and to keep at it, and in 5 years we would own the trademarks. Ollie wasn't too far off. Portland area racer, Patrick Leyschock takes the for a spin during the Cycle World photo shoot. They both thought that in owning the rights to one of the most iconic British Motorcycle brands, investors would be lining up at the door. There was trouble brewing though. Kenny's vision of Norton with the VR was like a double-edged sword; on the one hand the bike was beautiful and powerful, but on the other it was still at its core an old vintage bike.

I spoke with Ollie in this regard, that it was my intent to recreate the VR on a new bike platform; that did not bode well with Ollie. I basically hung in there myself, doing what I could with the barest of capital. He said that he would be in Portland, and he wanted to meet with me. We discussed much, and I finally got him to believe in a next generation Norton. Some funds finally found their way back into the bank, and business operations started to roll forward again. Ollie had one precondition. I had to hire a fully qualified CEO to raise the funds necessary to continue. I was working with some very talented people.

It Vitage like it was no big deal, unbelievable. We're rebuiods all the clear oil lines, and it's all working, oil in, oil out, rsbuilds a runner. This is a long, hard and expensive slog. From the beginning he told me his wife was scolding him over his Vingage in this deal. At the same time we were having difficulties raising any significant funding outside of Ollie. I've seen this in all my years working within a dealer environment, rebuikds like a war between the sales department, who will say anything to make a sale, and the service department that have to repair, and make good for all the promises that the sales guys make!

I was disappointed that it never came to fruition. I didn't want it to end that way. All paperwork in order to register as a rebuild. Re-advertising and asking Price reduced due to R 90, Published in: Chassis and cab integration in progress. No engine at this stage. The '54 Dodge came out with either a flat bed or a load bin. This truck has no loadbin at present. This model has 5 windows R40 as is OR contract us to build the vehicle to your specifcation and finish. R 40, Published in: It is based on the life of photojourna R 75, Published in: The Mark II offers beautiful propor RPublished in: Recent restoration done with new interior, paint work, engine rebuild and full electrical harness installed.

Registration is up to date. Currently used as a weekend vehicle. Contact Rob R 45, Published in: Original V8 engine and gearbox, 3 speed floor shift. Custom wooden loadbin and original loadbin.

Rebuilds Vintage

She needs some finishing touches. Great drive and power. R 85, Published in: R or best offer?

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