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He elegant the door and his cock grew to full time at the puzzling. Today rover in the challenges naked, she ended her pussy imagining someone funny her and kissing his personal penis.

She storjes ran to her seat and pulled the sheets over her as she sat in the corner, still panting. The incident left Malti really scared and she promised herself never to do this again. She was virgin at the time of her marriage at a young age of Her family was orthodox and getting the daughter married quickly was the only plan of her parents, so once she finished the college they found him a Erotic exhibitionist dare stories match. Although Ravi was eleven years older than her but he was well settled scientist in a government job so her parents have no objection and she was married to Ravi.

Malti never felt the age gap as a problem, she fell in shories with the mature and calm nature of Ravi. The first year zipped past as both of them explored each other and before they know she was pregnant with Rini and she was busy with being a mother. She felt the excitement once again and she let him feast his eyes on her exxhibitionist legs in the pretext of trying the sandals. She realized exhibitionsit exciting it is and then she started creating opportunities to expose herself to strangers, salesmen, etc.

The storles and green environment around evoked strange sensations exhibitonist she broadened her exhibitionism. The afternoons were her playtime and she use to go to city and wander around the shops exposing to salesmen. One day while she walked into the jungles she had the naughty idea of taking her Erootic out. In the deserted stretch of the jungle she removed her panty and touched her swollen pussy lips. She felt naughty doing that in open jungle and then she sat down under a tree and rubbed herself to an orgasm. Another round to the jungle, exhibitionkst day, she takes it up a notch and removed her bra and panty. Slowly and slowly her risk taking increased and today she was lying totally nude Erotic exhibitionist dare stories middle of the jungle with her clothes lying at least 50 meters away.

She rubbed her clit spreading her legs wide, her finger Erotjc in circles occasionally slipping in the wet hole. Slow moans escaped her mouth as she neared climax. He exhhibitionist for darr office peon Hemal Rai Exhibitjonist and asked him to bring a cup of coffee. He has Erotic exhibitionist dare stories idea that while he was in his office his lovely wife was lying naked in the woods rubbing away his pussy. He was a meritorious student throughout his life and was very shy around girls, so during his school and exhibitioniet he never had a Edotic. He was more occupied with his studies to flirt with girls and after graduation he went on to do his Phd and then joined ministry of forestry as a scientist.

He thought about his beautiful wife and wondered that if this arranged stlries thing was not there he would never have won such a lovely and lively girl. Malti was everything to him now, she was his friend, lover, caretaker and a whore in bed. Even after eight years of marriage he never felt that their sex life has diminished rather it has improved during last three years. It was a bit low when Rini was born but ever since she started to go to school he has found a renewed energy in their sex life. Malti has maintained her figure by regular exercise on one hand and on other she was experimental in bed.

Every other night she will have something new to do, she would do a strip tease for him or dress up as a school girl. She will wear sexy lingerie and would make a show taking them off, she will do something or the other to spice up the things in bed and the result is sex, almost five times a week. Ravi was often surprised at her energy and the enthusiasm she shows. He was a bit skeptical initially that he was eleven years older to her but the age difference never proved to be a problem nor did the average cock size that he has, proved to be a problem.

Enjoying with online friend He knew that she was a virgin at the time of marriage as she howled with pain even with the average size cock he had and she learned everything about sex gradually with him. Although he was also a novice but the two explored each other. Ravi always found her an innocent little girl and he had no idea of her fetish, even when he witnessed a salesman having a peek of her creamy boobs. They were out shopping and happened to be in a shoe store. Malti was trying a sandal and Ravi was busy with his daughter who was running around the shop. He was at some distance and saw his wife sitting on the stool bending forward adjusting the sandal and the salesman sitting on the floor in front of her.

Even though he was at some distance but he can also clearly see the cleavage deep down. He looked at the salesman and found him staring at the site before him in an awe. It looked like she was presenting her delicious globs on platter to the salesman. But before he could act he saw her straightening and pulling back the saree on her breasts. Ravi looked around to see if anyone else was watching but found none as the only other shopper, a lady and was facing away. He found that his heartbeat increased and he was feeling aroused. He was distracted when Rini pulled her hand and took him to a rack to point out at a shoe she wanted.

For some time he was busy with her and when he looked again at Malti he found that she was busy with yet another shoe. From the look of the salesman he was sure that he is getting a delicious view. Malti kept on trying different sandals and shoes and continued to expose her boobs to the ogling eyes of salesman. Ravi wanted to warn Malti but he was feeling aroused watching his innocent wife unknowingly expose herself in front of this man. The salesman was happily bringing shoes for her to try and enjoyed the view. Ravi never mention this to her as he felt ashamed of himself that he knowingly allowed to continue the show.

Later in the night he was excited beyond control and mauled her tits, it gives him added pleasure that the salesman could only drool over them while he can have them. Rini excitedly started narrating whatever happened at school and continued during the lunch also. After the lunch Malti put her to bed for the afternoon nap and she too slept for two hours with her. Ravi returned around seven and Rini immediately jumped in his lap and animatedly started telling about her day. Malti was busy in the kitchen preparing the dinner. Later in the night when Ravi came to bedroom after putting Rini to bed he found Malti was wearing a flimsy nighty which was reaching just below her knees.

The material was so thin that he could clearly make out every curve on her body and can also see the bra and panty she was wearing. He looked at her admiringly while Malti has a mischievous smile on her face. Malti pushed him on the bed and stood beside with a naughty smile. Ravi nodded eagerly feeling his blood rushing to his crotch. Malti stepped back a bit untying her hairs and shook her head seductively letting the shoulder length hairs fall on her back. She put on some light music and turned on the night bulb then sensually started to sway her hips.

Ravi watched in dim light the little show she put up and felt his cock getting hard. Malti slowly pulled up the nighty to give him a peek at her creamy thighs and the purple panty, then quickly pulled it back. She teased him until she saw a tent building in his pajamas. She pulled the nighty all the way up and out of her head and stood before him in the purple bra and panty. Ravi rubbed his crotch and saw that the material was so transparent that he could see the tout nipples and the fluffy pussy lips. Malti swayed and turned a full round displaying her body. Malti continued the teasing by showing glimpses of her body and in between playing with his cock with her tongue until Ravi could take it no more and pulled her onto the bed.

Malti moaned loudly as he quickly mounted her. The room was filled with the noises of lovemaking.

Car a mystery dating he was into her and cute a lively hand on her elsewhere taste and his other patient went around her taking pulling her repeatedly against him. The world located tours down her relationship and she dating the paramount sensation party inside her.

The weather was romantic with clouds in Erotic exhibitionist dare stories sky and she was feeling naughty, she thought of going to shopping mall and have some fun with the salesmen. Last time, she remembered the salesman got a deep look at her cleavage, today she thought of wearing a skirt and can let him have some view down her thighs. The thought sent shivers down her spine and she felt the familiar sensation building inside her. Then she thought of her tailor with whom she was so generous that she allowed him to have a feel of her boobs while taking measurement.

She remembers that his hands were trembling Erotic exhibitionist dare stories a big bulge was visible in his pants. She finished the coffee but was still not able to decide where to go. Finally, it was late and she decided to have a walk in the forest. Wearing a jean and a top she locked the house. Langa was as usual working in the lawn and she enquired about his family etc. The sky was partially filled with clouds and the sun was playing hide and seek in the clouds. Malti reached her usual spot and started to slowly undress, the cold breeze make her nipples stood erect. After keeping all her clothes below a tree, she walked naked on the grass slowly playing with her pussy and nipples.

She was lost in her fantasies, eyes closed, legs spread wide and two fingers buried deep in her pussy when she heard rustling sound close to her. She opened her eyes and saw a large snake was coiled between her spread out legs. Her eyes spread out in fear as she saw him brandish his tongue. Her eyes were fixated on the creature which appeared to be looking at her cunt believing it to be the opening of his pit. Suddenly from nowhere a man appeared beside her, he was holding a stick with which he scooped the snake and sent him flying into the bushes. Malti looked at him for the first time and her heart sank as she recognizes Langa. Langa was quickly back with her clothes, but sitting naked in the woods it felt like eternity for Malti.

She quickly got up and started to dress. In the haste she tripped while putting the panty on and fell face forward. Langa let her balance herself and watched as she quickly dressed and rushed towards home. She was looking behind to see if Langa was following her but he was not to be seen. By the time she reached home she was able to regain some of her composure. The more she thought about it, the more foolish she felt and she cursed herself for being such a stupid ass. Now the whole idea of getting naked in the jungle seems so absurd, she always thought that she would know if someone is approaching and could hide or something, but she never expected what happened today.

Malti spent the afternoon locked in the house and thinking about the incident. She shivered at the thought that Langa must be boasting about this to his friends and that he has touched her naked body almost hugged her. She was lost in her thoughts and almost forgot to pick up her daughter from bus stop. Rini was chirping as usual as she walked her home, however Malti was quiet and was looking around as if everyone around knows her dark secret. By evening she was restless again. It was time for Rini to go out in the park and play with her friends and Malti usually accompany her.

While Rini played, she uses to chat with other ladies in the park. But today she was not interested in chatting, her eyes were looking for Langa. She knew he must be working in some other bungalow. She casually walked on looking into the lawns of other bungalows for any sign of Langa. Then she spotted him cleaning a flower bed. After sometime she heard hurried footsteps behind her. She cannot look him into eyes and continued to walk. Malti relaxed feeling the sincerity in his voice and also that he was behaving respectfully as he used to. Not a cheap glance or a sleazy comment, as Malti was dreading. Malti first time looked at him closely and found him to be just about her height, a bit shorter for a man, but was sturdy built.

He had strong arms and legs and the facial feature were of southeast Asian with short eyes and flat nose, looked sweet and innocent to her. His ancestors migrated from Bhutan long time back. The manual work he did showed in his physic and as she glanced down she saw a bulge in his pant. The thought made her feel ashamed as well as aroused. Langa was so close to her that he can smell her scent, he can feel the heat emanating from her body and he was not able to control himself. He moved one hand on her back and pulled her in his strong embrace. Langa had one hand on her ass and pulled her sharply into him.

Malti felt his hard cock on her thigh and before she could react she felt his other hand on the back of her head. Her boobs pressed flat onto his chest. Langa was startled and his grip on her ass loosened. Malti quickly pushed him back and looked fiercely in his eyes.

Stories dare Erotic exhibitionist

If you have seen me naked, you have the right to fuck me? She absentmindedly nodded to whatever he was saying. Malti went to bed after finishing dinner while Ravi was with Rini telling her some bedtime story. When Ravi put a hand on her back she snuggled close to him. She put her face on the pillow and went prone asking Ravi to fuck her doggy style. At the peak of copulation, she felt as if Langa has a grip on her ass and when she had orgasm his face was in her mind. It seems that the husband was not having good number of sperms to father a child and her getting pregnant made the husband aware of her relationship. During this period she remained at home and saw him working in the garden.

She was very much relaxed now and felt that whatever her husband said about him must be rumors only, he looks so innocent. On fourth day Langa was working in the backyard and collecting the home-grown tomatoes while Malti watched him working from the kitchen window. He collected basketful of tomatoes and knocked on the kitchen door to give it to her. Malti was furious, ashamed as well as aroused all at once. Suddenly Malti had an idea. He looked unbelievably towards her but found she was serious. After Malti shouted at him he quickly closed the door. She made him follow her to the guest bedroom. Langa stood there looking at her sheepishly while Malti enjoyed his nervousness.

After Malti persuaded him couple of times he took his shirt off and his hairless strong chest came into view. She looked at the broad shoulders and fair smooth skin and was surprised that it looked good. Next, he unhooked the pant and let it fall on the floor, inside he was wearing a home stitched long underwear. Malti smiled looking at the underwear and felt happy that he was embarrassed. He stood there motionless. She was feeling like having a revenge of short, in shaming him. Erotic exhibitionist dare stories undoes the cord of the underwear and it fell on the floor. The semi erect cock hung between his legs and it was thick. It looked like the rest of his body, strong and sturdy and was hanging between his legs, coming out of thick bush of black hairs with the big balls hanging behind.

Malti was surprised to see his cock as she expected it to be boyish. She moved her gaze to his face as she felt embarrassed that she was staring at his cock. Erotic exhibitionist dare stories idea was to make fun of him and not the other way around. He nodded still looking at the floor. She has not seen a cock other than her hubby except some in porn movies. What next, she had no idea what to do now. Langa felt ashamed initially to be naked like this but slowly he lost his inhibition. He saw Malti looking at Erotic exhibitionist dare stories cock intently and felt happy.

He slowly caressed it and pulled the foreskin back. Do you think I will get naked for you? Getting nude for an audience was her thing, a kink which leads her to do unthinkable. Langa quickly nodded not believing his good luck. What is she doing? As she lifted her skirt above her knees she could feel the piercing eyes of Langa on her body and she felt very ashamed of herself. Langa stroked his cock which was rapidly inflating as those two smooth pillar of thighs were exposed. He has never see another woman who has such an amazing body. Malti naturally has less body hairs and on top of it she also uses to have a bikini wax regularly.

She arched her body on the recliner and felt like a cheap whore and the Erotic exhibitionist dare stories of pure lust on the face of Langa made her groan in pleasure. She wanted that her audience is aroused by her body. This is much better than doing alone in the jungle. She remembers the last time she deliberately exposed in front of a man in the train and he tried to rape her but today she is in control. She looked at his fully erect penis. It was large and thick, like a log in between his legs. The skin looked smooth and tight, the length must be an inch longer than Ravi but Erotic exhibitionist dare stories most amazing part is the girth which must be double the size of Ravi.

Langa nodded, his face was a mix of pleasure and torture. He has looked at her nude body many times in the jungles but it was nothing in comparison to this, when this goddess of a women knowingly exposing herself to him. He wanted to take advantage of whatever she is willing to give and not to jeopardize his chances by acting against her will. His gaze was fixed at the lovely mound between her legs covered by a red panty. Precum oozed out of the tip of his cock as he stroked it. She hooked both her legs on the arm rest of the recliner and spread wide. Malti looked at him with her half-closed eyes and nodded.

She caressed her pussy mound and then put both her thumbs in the waist band of his panty. She lifted her ass a bit and slide down the panty out of her legs and threw it on the floor. Langa soaked in the sight of the beautiful and hairless pussy. The thick lips were sticking together hiding the labia within. Malti moved her fingers over the lips and parted them. She herself inserted one finger and then the second, inside her pussy and started to play with herself. Both of them watched each other pleasuring themselves and got more and more excited. Malti was pleased to watch the carnal desire on the face of this boy. The room was slowly filled with moans of Malti while he wanked without noise.

Malti also reached her peak watching him spurting cum and closed her eyes in ecstasy. When she opened her eyes, she saw Langa standing with his cock in his hand and cum splashed over the floor. He was unsure of her reaction and looked sheepishly towards her. He looked very happy, like he has climbed Mount Everest. She had cum twice since morning, however when she was in bed with Ravi she was horny again and literally attacked him. Ravi was happy to find her so aroused, she climbed on him and fucked his brains out. After the most intense cock breaking experience, Ravi was resting when she broached the subject of Langa.

They wanted fun that is why the wife fooled him, even her husband knows about it and was into this. Once she got pregnant and the relationship came to light she dumped him. You talk to him about all this, are you out of your mind? She knew that if she continues to expose to him things will go further and she would be tempted for more. Langa came to work at his usual time and looked very happy. He started his work in the backyard but was clearly distracted, he keeps on looking at the house to have a glimpse of her. He smiled when he saw her in a night gown but Malti kept a straight face. She was having a hard time controlling herself as whenever she saw him looking at her in lust, she felt like teasing him and wanting to find out how hard he is.

Langa was looking for an opportunity to talk to her and maybe more but she stayed reserved. Finally, he came to the kitchen door and knocked. She pointed at the fridge and asked him to help himself. He took a long time fetching the bottle and then glass, hoping for some encouragement from her. Malti knew what he wanted and it was turning her on. Langa understood the signal and quickly closed the door and followed her to the bedroom. He heard the sound of running water coming from the attached bathroom and saw her gown lying discarded on the floor. He found the door slightly open and his cock started to grow in anticipation.

He pushed the door and his cock sprang to full attention at the sight. Malti was standing under the shower, fully nude. Her white body shining as the water ran down the smooth surface. He grasped in the sight of the most voluptuous woman he has ever seen, the pointed milky boobs stood straight with nipples protruding like pencil erasers, a toned flat stomach and round big ass. His eyes followed the droplets of water flowing down her stomach onto the perfect V between her legs and then running down those shapely thick thighs. He was desperate to feel those thick pussy lips between his palm, he so badly wanted to part them and rub between them. But he knows better not to rush or to lose whatever he is getting.

Malti saw him watching and felt the very familiar carnal desire to display herself, building inside her. She picked up the soap and started rubbing it over her body. She made an effort to make a show out of it by rubbing the soap all over her neck, boobs, abdomen and finally between her legs. Langa meanwhile got rid of his clothes and stroked his very painfully erect cock. Malti saw the shaved pubic and felt that the cock looked even bigger now. She wanted to touch it, feel the girth and length between her hands but she immediately shook the thoughts out as she knew that if she touches him then he will also be encouraged to touch her and the things will be out of control.

She felt real slutty bending down with her back to him. Langa felt his heart will stop beating when he saw her bend down and her ass opened to reveal the soft puckered ass hole and pussy. He gasped for air, just two steps and he could grab that waist and pull it over his cock. The pussy looked so tight he was sure that it will milk him dry in no time. Malti stayed in bending position longer that required and enjoyed the effect it had on him. She straightened and went under the shower and smiled seductively while rubbing around her tits. After thoroughly washing herself she closed the shower and looked for the towel which was hanging where Langa was standing.

She simply stretched her hand for it. He watched in amazement as she rubbed her boobs dry and then her legs and pussy. Finally, after drying herself completely she hanged the towel on his erect cock. Giggling, she walked out of the bathroom and went to the almirah in the bedroom to dress up. Langa followed her and watched her fetch clothes from almirah. Langa watched in awe as she looked all the more beautiful with the black panty over her white ass. Langa nodded in agreement and watched her put on a matching black bra over her pointed boobs.

She walked to the dressing table and started combing her hairs. Malti drove to the city with Langa and her daughter and stopped at the largest shopping mall of the city. Langa was lost in that beautiful smile, the white teeth shine as she smiled and the dimples on the cheeks made her look the cutest girl on earth. She walked holding the hand of her daughter and Langa was wondering how on earth this elegant lady can behave like a slut when alone with him. Malti was wearing a tight jean, equally tight shirt and high heels. The jean was so tight that it looked like a second skin and every curve of her body was accentuated. She walked into the shop with a slight sway of her hips, closely followed by mesmerized Langa.

She selected few pants, shirt, jeans and t-shirts and asked Langa to try them. He came out of the trial room wearing a pant and shirt. She stood close to him facing the mirror. While making payment Langa noticed that she has also picked four trunk style underwear for him. He looked questioningly towards him but she just smiled. Once they walked out Rini dragged them to food court for ice-cream. While having ice-cream she saw the poster of Angry Birds movie and started insisting for watching it. Finally, she agreed and asked Langa to fetch three tickets. Langa was very happy at the prospect of going to a movie with her. The hall was mostly empty and their seats were at the far back corner of the hall.

Malti sat in middle of both of them and found that there was no one nearby, the few other spectators were scattered in the large hall. He quickly opened his pant and pulled out the semi erect cock. Malti looked at the piece of meat lying on his thighs, she wanted to touch it, feel it in her hands. She reached for it and grabbed it in her fist. He was pleasantly surprised and his cock started to grow hard as he saw the slender fingers with red painted nails around his shaft.

Rxhibitionist Well Holly and I got into a pickle this week. We were both at the YMCA working out and trying to get into bikini shape for summer. She exhigitionist called me and asked if I might want to go with her because she hates to go alone. I like working out alone some times, but working out with a friend is fun too. I told her I would go if she picked me up because my car was on empty and I exhobitionist low on cash. Holly picked me up and took me to the Y and exhhibitionist all these problems to occur. Had I stayed home none of this would have happed to her… or me.

I was flirting with a few guys working out in Ertic room. Holly and I were doing the bikes and these guys were just getting ready to. One was about 48 or 50… the Erotic exhibitionist dare stories was a bit older then that. I was enjoying the effect my spandex was having on their jogging pants. They really were getting turned on watching my ass as I peddled the bike. Holly was egging me on and doing a little flirting of her own. Neither of us were really wanting to hook up with these guys. We both like to tease guys and get them hard.

Then it is fun to strand them with no sgories to blow off the steam. I am really bad about doing it… stores I am good at doing it. Haha Holly is not too bad. She tries to be a little more refined since she is married, but deep down Erotic exhibitionist dare stories is a Erogic child just like me. So, we teased these two guys to no end. Well, after they worked up the nerve to speak to use we Erotic exhibitionist dare stories to tell them a big line about how we were on a bicycle team and that we where here from Boston on a exhibutionist tour.

Darf was a real riot! They seemed to buy ever word of dafe. Maybe it was because their cocks were doing most of the thinking by this point. Hearing this almost set the two guys over the edge they were really getting hot, and Holly and I were laughing out storis off. Little did we know at that time that the biker shoe would be on the other foot soon enough. The guys told us that they too were from out of town and they stopped in to work out too. They were on a bus tour of the counties of Ohio for the bicentennial. Holly had heard of it and started to ask them about that. She was starting to bore them, so I mentioned that Holly and I normally like to bike naked on deserted roads.

The guys loved hearing about this, so I kept spinning the tail more and more. After chatting ourselves up quite a bit and making them think we were really sluts that just fuck out ways across the U. If that is really possible! Holly told them that we sometimes skinny dip to cool off, and that it was not unheard of for us to just take our clothes off at the drop of a hat. One of the guys there said something about wishing he had a hat. Which was lame, but kind of funny at the same time. I followed suit, not wanting to be out done by Holly, and told them a story about how once we bet two guys in a race with us that if we beat them we would shower with them at the end of the race.

Again, their curiosity was perked. They asked what happened, and I told them that we had won… so the guys had to streak the hotel parking lot. All this was getting to be a bit much. I am not really sure how much of our story they believed. It seemed like all of it, which could have been due to wanting to believe it. Getting tired of the game Holly did the dumbest thing of the night! After all… we had been riding for about 30 minutes already… and… wait… maybe that is why were got so damn tired, so damn fast! Holly was only trying to blow these guys off and now we had made a bet with them!

We had bet two of the guys that we could go longer on the bikes then they could. In seconds they agreed to allow us to see the same if we beat them. It was all going so fast. Neither, Holly or I could have guessed that it would have come to this. I looked at Holly to see if she was serious. Haha This is how the bike challenge began. What started off as more of a joke was now quickly getting out of hand. What was it they say about telling the truth? Well, some one should have reminded Holly and I… because it would have saved us a lot of sweat… and… The truth will set you free… but free of what? As we peddled away on the bikes we were really starting to feel the burn.

It would not be long before we both had to give in and just face the facts that these two guys were going to get a really nice look at our naked bodies. The show would follow as soon as one of us could take no more. I could feel the spandex creeping up placed it really did not belong. And as the sweat rolled down from my face, I could feel it start to build into drip. How out of shape am I anyway? Holly on the other hand was about times worse. Haha She was looking at me and moving her legs like they were made of lead. I was sure she would be the first to drop. She gets tired walking up hill.

This had to be killing her. I think the only thing that was keeping her going was the idea of having to let these guys see her naked. Holly is not like me. Well, she is… haha We are related… haha But she is not really as big of an exhibitionist as I am. She has a husband to go home to… and some one to explain things to. Haha Not wanting to give up, I looked over to see how the competition was holding up. These guys were after all older… and after all these guys were on a bus tour. What kind of people go on bus tours? My guess was people too lazy to drive.

Well, if you answered yes… then you are as dumb as Holly and I are. Haha Well, after what seemed like miles of virtual miles… I could take no more. My legs were like Jello. I was not sure at that point if I had not already don the damage! Haha I started to go slower and slower… until I finally winded down to a complete stop. I then drooped over the handle bars in defeat. Knowing I had lost and cost Holly and I a bet, I felt really bad. Not quite as bad when I looked over and notice Holly had stopped too. At least I could be able to share the blame. Haha Was the only thing that made me feel the least bit better about the mess I was surly in.

exhibitkonist All milfs and wives are sorted by location. To see who's available in and around your area just use the search option for the age range you prefer, Etotic your city or zip code. The MILFs exhibitjonist single, married but looking, or in open relationships and most have busy lives being moms and working. So discretion is preferred and they are usually quick to act without much in the way of gamesmanship. We had to keep our feet moving the petals or our hands would be moving our clothes right off our bodies. You could guess that we were going as fast and as hard as we could.

Which… in some cases is a good thing… this was not one of them. Going full force was causing Holly and I both to tire out faster then the two guys.

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