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Cocks that he is discontented with the burthen of the Osiander ; her goods have been brought to Bantam. His honest and good affection to his country will not be unrecompensed by the East India Company. Having considered the necessity of servants, and from experience of the dear rates of service of this country people, they have entertained for land soldiers three of the men from the James at 20s. Discovered that in their new privileges the English were restrained to have their shipping and sales at Firando only ; his unsuccessful endeavours to have the privileges amended or to have three years respite.

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Sends news since his last. Can get no trade into Corea, that of Dqvid not worth the looking after. The factories of Patani and Siam cannot be furnished engliwh Bantam. The junk since englisg to Addames and his partners. The Company's letters of 3rd and 19th Nov. Recapitulates the terms set forth in the Presentation of the 7th present, and as touching the alliance between the English and those of Pooloroon, "upon which you so grandly repose," the Dutch put it to the English to which they ought to attach the greater weight, to the ancient alliance between the crown of England and the United Provinces, or to this new alliance, which without orders [charge] from their King the English have contracted, against all right, with the infidel Moors their enemies, who are under their subjection and under contract to them [ nous tenuz et obligez par contract].

All factors withdrawn to Firando. His intended voyage to China prevented by a grievous storm ; arrived in safety at the Leques Islands, where they found marvellous great friendship, but were forced to return to Japan, because the monsoon was past. Arrival of the Advice from Bantam 13th July.

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