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We agree on xars day to do the work. It has two hoses on it and just below it is the alternator. The time is now almost 9pm. Reviewers liked the balanced handling and luxury cabin materials in the Avant and it comes with all-wheel drive. Either version gets all-wheel drive included. I put the plug back into the radiator.

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Time to put it caars together with the new thermostat. Go for the i or the d. I got home, parked in the garage and turned the car off, removed the key from the ignition and the cooling fan came on and ran for about 10 minutes I reattach the power steering pump. I drove one a few years back when I was looking for a new car and they were running a fantastic deal on it and regretfully, did not pull the trigger.

The new thermostat goes on very crs, 5 minutes all bolts are in and she's tightened. I pulled the rag out and started the car up, turned on the AC - no god awful fan whine! I start looking over it all again to see if maybe something was loose that would contribute to the noise and I didn't find anything. September 30, Posts:

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