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To my rigid brother gakes out redesigned dozens of sex shows, piling over themselves in the center of the medieval room floor. Erza fevered in then, coloring a red million behind her ear. She combed that most, her face expressionless until she spread her body especially ever so far and I was driven directly then the flair to her gorgeous.

Lucy pointed over to the small cute girl with blue hair. Levy shyly smiled over to me, her cheeks lighting up. Her small hand came up and gave me a little wave. She was the closest to me other than Lucy, making me lean in a little to her Brotheg whispering her greeting in a uis tease. According virgihity my sister, the next blue headed girl was her sister, Juvia. She seemed a little more to herself only acknowledging me a little. She was equally as pretty as sistrr other girls, with yis bedroom eyes and thin tkes expression. She had long flowing blue hair moving past her shoulders Brogher onto her back.

Beside her was a woman with lengthy brown hair and a siater smile that greeted me the moment i laid my eyes on her. She was holding a bottle of vlrginity in her hand and chugging it tames like a pro, obvious have done it before. Lucy explained she was a little older than them, the same age as me, And that was all the girls. They all sat staring at me after introductions. I smiled and leaned back a bit on my butt. Lucy began to nod and smile at me before pressing at my back. And i should let you girls do your thing. All the girls seemed to snap their eyes over to my hand as i yancked the object away revealing the sex toys for all to see. Lucy screamed, rushing to grab more pillows to cover them up, but I was too quick for her.

I grabbed her arm and with a bit of roughness, place her back on the floor with the rest of the stunned females. When she was seated i sighed and gave them all a good once over. Erza came in then, tucking a red stand behind her ear. I nodded my head, enjoying the way it made them squirm. What were you planing on doing with them. You girls weren't about to use them were you She seemed too small and young and innocent to have done anything so i merely shrugged when i was related the news. Cana set down her drink and sighed loudly causing the attention to move to her. It was either pick some random dude, give her a one night stand, or have her here with us on Mr. I shook my head, laying it into the palms of my hands.

Should you do that with someone you really care for. Lost mine with a horrible boyfriend, never forget Sting's stupid ass. Juvia, though did lose hers with someone she cared for at the time, yet she didn't remember why. Levy sat quietly, fumbling with her hands. I sighed and decided i wouldn't jump down their throats. I'd never do that! They went off on holiday.

I shrugged standing up to officially leave. You girls do what you want to do. Laxus you could-" I knew where this tskes going, and it taks going anywhere good. I held a hand up and dismissed the idea before looking back at the other girls. There was Levy, her head hung down in disappointment and her small hands tugging at her shirt. It made me freeze and take in a deep breath. I couldn't even believe i was about to contemplate this "Give me one reason why i should. Just this one time. I turned completely and weighed my options.

Everybody was amazing then she firginity to pull the pros of prolonged and numerous many times to not cum nude her. Whatever did men do at sleepovers anyway?.

Lucy's eyes widen and the other girl's faces began to brighten. I smirked Brothed walked on over to them, planting a seat in between Juvia and Cana. It was a big tweleve sided dice. Things like, Lick, suck, kiss, smell, taste, describe, touch written on them, and another roll of dice with body parts written on it. Lucy's face went red as she realized what was about to go on. Cana laughed at her friend's flushed face and grabbed her beer bottle, knocking it back. I bet it'll be fun. I smirked at her as Levy slowly raised her hand, claiming she'd do it as well.

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Lucy blew out a long puff of frustration. My brother, is here! What if i have to do something to him!? You don't have to play if you don't want to. Its a free world. Lucy's head dropped as she handed me the dice back. That was until we reached puberty. Being a few years older than me she developed sooner stopping us from seeing each other without clothes under the direct orders from our mother. She had one problem that she was never able to overcome. She was on the hefty side. Just a little chubby our mother would say. Not obese but none the less chubby.

Well this story is about how I got my first piece of pussy and it was from my sister. Fortunately or unfortunately not sure which my body took over and thinking took place in my little head. Ok enough background here goes. The tickle fights, wrestling matches and just plain horseplay seemed to dwindle away after her body developed. But one night we were in the basement playroom while the folks were upstairs. While watching TV some sort of argument surfaced. Both of us in our night clothes I started tickling her ribs pushing her backwards onto the sofa. In an attempt to evade she rolled onto the floor with me following. Twisting around she ended up sitting on top of me holding my arms over my head with one hand the other entertaining herself in my armpit.

Being more powerful than me, squirming around on top of me, her legs surrounding my hip area, I realized I was getting hard from her movements. My pajamas were thin cotton, hers a long flannel nightgown had ridden up on her legs so my dick was riding her crotch each time she moved. Then she took aware of what was happening and she relaxed her tormenting slightly. My body became stagnant while hers began to make a transformation into a rocking motion. Her hands released their grip and went to my chest. It was quick although I wished it could have lasted longer her movement was sluggish. I looked up for something, approval or disgust but her eyes were closed.

I would never know for sure but I would like to think she had no underwear on. All I know it felt wrong but all so right at the same time. Damn she was enjoying this as much as I was. She must have sensed or perhaps felt it as I shot off a warm load of sperm and started grinding harder on my dick. I wanted to believe she had no underwear on but how could I tell?

I finished blowing my wad and she continued slithering her pussy against me. I was looking up at her face and the expression on it when she stopped. We were home alone for the evening. We both had taken baths and were just settling down for the evening. Then it started, never mind the bag of chips she was out for blood and we were rolling around on the floor. But as soon as it began the mood shifted. Once again I found myself under her chubby body. This time she had on a mid-thigh nightie and I could see her thick thighs surrounding my hips when she began the rocking motion. I decided to go for broke, what the hell did I have to lose.

I pushed my ass up to meet hers as my dick swiftly rose to the occasion. Then my hands wandered upwards and with no objection raised her nightie over her head. There in front of me was a pair of tits. Not quite what I expected, they were actually smallish but had these red rose bud nipples that were puffy, sticking out from the tit itself.

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