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What is a Vaginal Speculum?

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Marion Simsspculum of a hollow cylinder with a rounded end that is divided into picturres hinged parts, somewhat like the beak of a duck. Vaginal use[ edit ] The best-known speculum is the bivalved vaginal speculum; the two blades are hinged and are "closed" when the speculum is inserted to facilitate its entry and "opened" in its final position where they can be arrested by a screw mechanism, so that the operator is freed from keeping the blades apart.

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Or, do the women who do this usually use a mirror or something? The weight holds the speculum in place and frees the surgeon's hands for other tasks. One end of the tube has a roughly spherical metal weight surrounding the channel of the speculum. Women are often more sensitive about and attentive to the patient's comfort levels in things like this, because they know exactly what it feels like to be the patient, too. Plastic is transparent, too -- you can see through all of the sides of the speculum. Heck, if it was me I would go in for regular exams whether I thought something was wrong or not -- this is your life we're talking about, it's worth the hassle and bill of a doctor's exam every now and then!

Speculum pictures Vaginal

He practically jabbed the thing in as hard as he could…it was almost like he was angry with me. In my opinion, if a woman has had a health Vaginxl that life-threatening and has even the slightest suspicion that she might be developing a problem again, she should just go see her doctor and be professionally examined. A cylindrical-shaped speculum, introduced inthe dilating vaginal speculum also known as the Veda-scope [5] invented by Clemens van der Weegen, [6] inflates the vagina with filtered air. Are these speculums specialized somehow? Might I suggest you switch to a female doctor?

Hawthorne Post 6 rugbygirl - A plastic speculum seems like a much better idea over all. It was developed by J. If you find vaginal specupum uncomfortable like I did, a lighter plastic vaginal speculum can really make a difference. The disadvantage of Sims' speculum is that it is not self-retracting. However, when I was pregnant with my first child, I was having some difficulty and pain down in my lower abdomen. It also has a facility to attach a digital camera for viewing and recording.

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