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Javad Sajan, combine surgical expertise with an artistic "eye" to create a nose shape that is in balance with the transgender patient's face and goals. Facial Feminization Many transgender women would like to alter their faces to appear less masculine, and more feminine. Fortunately, leading plastic surgeon Dr.

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Javad Sajan has tranxgender experience with these types of procedures, altering the hairline, brow, nose and chin to sculpt a distinctly feminine look that's transgendwr your transtender. Brazilian Butt Lift For transgender women, a shapely backside is a coveted sign of femininity that is not easily achieved through exercise alone. Fortunately, a leading cosmetic surgeon who is experienced working with transgender patients, like Dr. Javad Sajan, can perform a Brazilian butt lift to sculpt a distinctly feminine derriere. Insurance Coverage for Transgender Procedures At Allure Esthetic, we are aware of the barriers that exist for many transgender individuals seeking insurance coverage for medical care related to their transitions.

As advocates for the transgender community, we do everything in our power to minimize these obstacles and help our patients navigate what can be a very complex and challenging healthcare system.

Transgended More Contact us today During your private consultation, Dr. Orchiectomy Inguinal Orchiectomy Orchiectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the testicles and the spermatic cord. By removing the testicles before gender reassignment surgery GRSpatients will have a reduced hormone requirement. Male-to-female MTF patients typically start female hormones prior to this procedure.

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In conjunction with hormone replacement therapy, MTF patients typically take testosterone-blocking medications such as aldactone to block testosterone that is produced by the testes. Body Contouring and Liposuction Body contouring procedures in the male-to-female MTF patient are aimed at achieving the optimal female shape. Typically, liposuction is performed throughout areas of the mid-section, the abdomen, midriff, flanks love handlesand mid-back. Qualified, Experienced and Compassionate Care At the American Institute for Plastic Surgery, we employ qualified surgeons who have been performing male-to-female MTF sex change operations for over 15 years.

Our skilled staff has a reputation for compassionate, quality care that provides our MTF patients with a transgejder environment for their procedures. Medicare Despite our efforts to coordinate with Medicare, we have been unable to communicate with any Medicare representatives who can guarantee approval and reimbursement for transgender surgery. In addition, no one offered contractual agreements with us to provide service.

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