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Test of the GT-521F52 fingerprint reader

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Reader serial connection Thumb

We found a compatible software for the module, which made it really easy to add, search fingerprints. Basically both of these modules work the same way, we can communicate with them using a packet of hex codes in a specific format. Interfacing with Arduino It is quite easy to use the fingerprint reader with Arduino by using this library from Github. Click the Preview checkbox and press the Enroll button next to it See the red box. The cable is used both for powering the system and for communication between the system and PC. Download link for the software is provided at the bottom of this page, below we have the step by step procedure for adding a new fingerprint using this software: Although the Processing code only sends two hard-coded data packets to the fingerprint scanner and displays the response packet from the FPS in the Processing IDE text display console pane, the project can be used as a staring point for your own fingerprint application and also servers to demonstrate how the fingerprint scanner communications work.

User may modify the address via instruction. Introduction FIM50 Fingerprint Identification Module is an evolutionary standalone fingerprint recognition module connwction of optic reaedr and processing board. Connnection and configuration There are two ways to connect this sensor, you can either directly solder a USB cable under the module, on the pads designed for this. To avoid damaging it foolishly, we recommend that you configure the working voltages on the Yocto-Serial before you connect the sensor. You can then see a preview if you clicked the preview checkbox of the fingerprint You will have to place the finger once again to get a second clean print.

Pinout The first 4 pins are for serial communication with default baudrate of Pins 5 — 8 are for USB communication.

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This should raeder you to control the module directly readfr USB, probably at the expense of installing a driver, the manufacturer's documentation doesn't say much on this point or drive the module directly through its TTL serial port, with a Yocto-Serial for example. The new modified address remains at power off. We are trying to get pigtail interface cables made but in the interim, you will need to create your own connection to the serial connector. Click Open Device in the bottom left corner.

You can find variety of converters here. The data package format for Thumg is shown below: Use that ID within your embedded system to determine access levels, time clocks, door locks, etc. By adding a high speed CPU and optimized recognition fingerprint algorithm, FIM offers high recognition ability and high speed for identification 1:

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