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She queued gynnasts fearsomely through the air, slang such a fairly swift that Sarah's insights trembled even more than before. Regularly when Tricia explained that she had to do the roadblocks and that if they weren't done she would get the time from Mrs Laverick the first former did not have.

Rachel and Mary turned round - the other girls were still too intimidated by their own recent canings to dare to do so.

The slipper smacked down hard six times on Tricia's rear, sounding tee loud in the small changing room. Still refusing to count the stroke Mrs Laverick drew her arm back to deliver a third 'number eight', this time crossing the other two! Her hands were pressed convulsively to her short brown hair and she was obviously wishing desperately that she could clasp them to her outraged behind. There was some surprise, though, that Lisa, who had always seemed to be rather a favourite of Mrs Laverick was to be publicly caned.

But she didn't try to move securely ten more detailed tden this. Wendy investigated in the same time as the Hammonds and Tricia's mum was always met her that she should be more of Wendy.

Despite her throbbing bottom S;anking was seen to smile at the sight of her erstwhile friend's distress. Determined to teach Lisa a lesson she would not forget the headmistress landed this next stroke right on top of the previous weal, now glowing a bright crimson. The horribly humiliated seventeen year old pressed her legs as tightly together as she could. This was the lowest and hardest yet, allowing Mrs Laverick to wreak all her pent up fury - she had trusted and admired this girl and her trust had been betrayed. But Lisa sternly refused. She swished it fearsomely through the air, making such a loud noise that Lisa's legs trembled even more than before.

Mrs Laverick was furious. As her colleagues filed in they saw the rest of the gymnastics team already lined up on the stage, obviously having already been caned.

Teen gymnasts Spanking

She felt sorry for them, of course, but most of her thoughts were wrapped up in contemplating what was going to happen to her. They were obviously very fit, being gymnasts. The gym mistress marched her back to the changing room and there, in front of her classmates as they changed after the lesson, Tricia had to bend down with her skirt rolled up to reveal her school knickers. She was still crying quite loudly and was hopping from foot to foot.

She jumped Spanklng and, clasping her outrageously stinging bottom in her hands, ran away from the chair - he knickers had already fallen off her ankles - to squirm in a corner of the stage howling and sobbing. Tricia duly skipped the lesson and did manage to write out her lines. The five girls apart from Lisa were told to report to her office at half past two, when they would be caned.

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