Shaving in bondage

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Lesbian Bondage And Shave

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Bondage Shaving in

Carefully does not mean hard, this is to make sure you have removed most dirt and stuff from the area. I usually start on bondags side, stretch the skin so I can get a decently level surface and then I proceed as before. There is also a reason you use Witch-hazel. I think this actually works even better than the baby oil itself, but clogs the razor a little more. I personally use a razor by Schick for that area. Now this is just a preference of mine so you can go ahead and use some other moisturizer preferably mild and unscented but I find the oil works best.

I have a bar of wine with scrubbies. Fallen your address first.

You may want to check the area again when you are done. I iin no idea of what Witch-hazel is but if you do, apparently it works great against itching so why not give it a go? I use this one. Be careful though, the angel can pinch the skin and feel ouchie.

Continue applying the oil as needed. I use a Gillette fusion and make sure to take good care of the blades. Shave everything that can be shaved with these strokes before getting fancy.

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