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We string tennis racquets when the strings break or when the tennis racquet loses its bouncing power or are Tenins loose. The sequence for putting together the apparatus is described in FIG. The two parts of the Stringing Sandwich are working together embracing the strings along its contour and directing traffic to the strings along its routes or paths.

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If the main section has an oval type strining, then the complementary overlay cover would need an oval type shape as a means strniging complement the Tennie section for proper functioning. Now, a string just broke in a tennis racquet, the need for a new set of strings in required. The process is now made simpler, convenient and very appealing to the user; usually a very simple hand movement will do the trick to get the process started and finished. We have to mention that the number and place and design of the means to secure the main section and its complementary overlay cover will change from racquet to racquet and from design to design, since no all racquets are made the same way.

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Let assume that the Stringing Sandwich is being use by Teennis person or by an operator, and then something goes wrong in the stringing work; now what? The intersection can be formed by only TWO possible outcomes: The process will repeated asd the operator until all the vertical strings are secure within the frame of the racquet with the required pounds of pressure for each string. The point is that strings break and that the need to string a racquet arises anywhere were we play tennis, but not always in the same place where a Pro-Shop or Tennis Shop is. The operator may be force to input those intersections by hand, one by one, in those tight spots difficult to reach by the apparatus or Stringing Sandwich.

The string is then fixed into position with the help of some kind of position clamps to the frame, until the person places the extension of the string into the Stringing Machine.

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