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An infected girl makes her moviess onto the train and spreads the disease throughout the train, leaving a small group of the uninfected to band together in an attempt to survive.

Hoorror the grandmother takes sick and money is needed to pay for her medicine, Aaw travels to Bangkok in search of work and ends up as a bar girl in a pub frequented by rich Westerners. The plot concerns an impoverished onine named Aaw pronounced somewhat like Oww! In Hindi with English subtitles. As moviea week wears on, strange noises and occasional glimpses of a haunting spirit occur in the Skype sessions, while Yumi and Taka bicker and reveal uncomfortable aspects of their relationship over their Skype connection. It may remind horror fans of the first Paranormal Activity film, as well as the classic Roman Polanski creepfest starring Catherine Deneuve, Repulsion This film is a ghost story told from the perspective of the ghost: Currently streaming at Amazon.

Munguntulga; distributed by Midnight Pulp. Yes, he sees dead people — lots of them. Unbeknownst to the pair, however, a zombie virus is quickly spreading throughout Korea, which is transmitted by the zombies to the uninfected by biting.

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One day, she buys a creepy doll from a street vendor dressed in the clothes of a rural peasant. Let us know in the comments if you have additions or objections! When horror fans talk about Asian horror, chances are they are mostly thinking about East Asian films—often forgetting the great horror traditions of the vast Indian subcontinent. The mother will get to speak to Oliver and say goodbye through the door of the temple, but she is warned that she must never open it while the reanimated Oliver is present.

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This Indian ghost story combines Western and Indian horror conventions to create an interesting onkine on the usual haunted house story. The Doll directed by B. The acting is very good; Park won a Korean Fantastic Film Festival award for her very sympathetic performance in the lead role. Currently streaming on Amazon.

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