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It wasn't hard to find Al Parker videos. The jukebox played everything from Edith Piaf to the Bs. Before purchasing membership to a site to see your favorite star, be sure to check to ensure he is still featured.

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Al Parker at Colt St I don't look sick, I told myself, and 31 is too young to die. I'd love to see it," he said. A shaft of light from a window lit up the image of Drew. On my way out, he gave me the number of a crisis line. Living in Los Angeles, I worked at the Pleasure Chest, a store that sold biker jackets, leather chaps, boots, hankies which came with a pocket-size foldout hanky codepaddles, tit clamps, magazines, and videos.

parkeg Then again, so is 40, the age Drew was. When anyone else said it, I grimaced. A few days later, I took a cab to Drew's house to show Keith the painting. Hanky codes and most porn magazines have faded out of existence, along with the stores that sold them. Quite a few times.

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