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In granddmother ways, this is similar to a birth. One friend of mine went through a particularly grueling death process with his father, who suffered horribly for five years before he died.

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If you do not want to do this, then ask the nurse or hospice provider at the house to wash the body before it is sent to the morgue or transported to the funeral home. Keep talking to the person who is dying, even if they are in coma, or read to them. They keep shifting around in the bed, trying to get comfortable, or they scrunch their face up into a grimace, or their limbs contract in a muscle spasm. Let the person who is dying have time alone. Please know there is no right or wrong decision here. You could reassure them that whatever they may be troubled by, either a concern for their spouse or a child, or with their own unresolved conflicts, they can trust that all will be well, and they can let go of this life in peace.

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You need the breaks as well to help you sustain yourself through the vigil. Some grndmother are comfortable washing the body in preparation for burial, others are not. Keep the air in the room as fresh as possible. Cleansing the Body While Sitting Vigil: God damn it felt good.

Preparing the Body Once your loved one has died, take time to sit with their body for your own process of letting them go. This is giving them the gift of feeling physically cared for in the process of their death. You can also download the audio version as well.

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