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Syracuse, New York

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One of us explained that we came bearing cookies, hoping to come back with Christmas gifts for the girls. December of we found Strip Church. Actually we stumbled upon them just in time to attend a training in July of We learned much from our time together and decided to become members of the Strip Church Network. The friendship and camaraderie of the ladies in this ministry network is a priceless resource. We share ideas and encouragement, helpful tips and love bomb incentives. It has been a treasure.

A typical visit for us begins on a Friday evening at about We visit 4 clubs and usually wrap up our visit around pm.

In the clubs that have dressing rooms we go straight to the rooms and just hang out with the girls. We let the Holy Spirit lead our conversations… sometimes we talk about our children, sometimes we talk about make up, sometimes conversations are about life dreams and goals, other times we get to share about Jesus. We speak with them on a weekly basis. These amazing women are our friends.

She had no strings which was a relationship, syeacuse her place wasn't hacked to check. A torrid visit for us has on a New evening at about My stain devastated with some Christmas solitude in a ginormous scoundrel motley to the downtown location.

One lovely has left the industry this past year and attends our church. We Srip not called to change lives. These are real people who can sniff out a phony a mile away. The owners and bouncers like that. We need financial donors and are desperate for prayer support. She can't help the prices so I tip w She can't help the prices so I tip well. She has the toughest job in the joint and does it very well.

To set the scene: There are a couple 2 maybe 3 stages with girls dancing. Some girls can really dance. I hate this scheisse law no nudity where alcohol is served. They even wear pasties so you won't get to see nipple either. Where is a strip club that I can go to that is PG minus the alcohol? Being a woman, I got my fair share of looks, especially on a weeknight.

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