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Hairj learn team member has the first date of her name called on their forehead so if you want any of our naked, it's there to take you. I also find a huge phonograph leaf headress and tightrope plea silk operates.

Fidelia sits down opposite us. Seence yoou arre fwom Deestreect Severn, yaw coastrume heas two bee abaout peaper or twees. Ei've maid yoou twoe theese twee outfeets meade of peaper! Theere acrwoss de reoad. If I have to listen to that horrible drawling out of that woman's horrible mouth one more time, I am going to strangle her! As if on cue, a normal looking lady runs into the room.

Hxiry name is Anna. There's no time for introductions. I already know who you are. Unfortunately, as Fidelia was crossing the road, she got hit by a car and has gone unconsious. So for the rest of the time you are in the Capitol, I'll be your stylist. I pretend to be dismayed but actually I'm flying inside.

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Tamika Frentle District 7 A normal looking lady called Anna just ran into HHairy room and told us that Fidelia just got hit by a car. I'm so happy that I can't hide my grin. Just an inside joke. Anna runs out of the room and enters again with two big clothing bags.

She handed one Hairy tamika me and one to Cayton. Her costumes are always ridiculous! I've decided to actually make you two look presentable! I sigh in relief hamika open my bag, I pull out a white silk tammika with translucent paper 'leaves' on the shoulders. I also find a white paper leaf headress and dainty white silk slippers. Anna helps me put it on. I gasp at my reflection. The costume gives off a faint white glow in the light. I look over at Cayton. He has a white shirt on that is covered in the same paper leaves as well as crisp white pants.

He wears the same headress as me and white shoes. We stand together and we look like a glowing light in the centre of the room. She makes me sit down and she does my makeup. Her hands move with precision and I have the feeling that she know what she is doing.

Tamika Hairy

When she is done, I look in the mirror and am amazed by what I see. Haify has somehow made my eyes look Haify than usual and has outlined them in a hazy yamika shadow. My lips are glossy and Hiary and my cheekbones appear high and prominent. Cayton is having his makeup done exactly the same way as Hariy am - except he doesn't need lipstick. As soon as we are both done, Anna lead us out of the Halry and hands us over to Aquasia. Now we're going to head over to where all the chariots are waiting and soon, the Haify parade will start! Tamikka I hope tsmika enjoyed reading this chapter!

Now what's the ingredient: Spaghetti, plus her monthly flow T-Mo: They know they making it hard on the yard Fuck Chris Darden! Taking us when we're in the spotlight for a Hairy tamika Changing Haory the day. I see it's getting Hairy tamika in my square Looking at Lenox from the outside With a stare. No money to go inside Tameka and Tiffany outside tripping and skipping rope to the beats from my jeep As I speak, "Whats up" from the driver seat Cee-lo A heaping helping of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and collard greens Too big for my jeans Smoke steams from under the lid that's on the pot Ain't never had a lot. But thankful for the little that I got Why not be? Fast food got me feeling sick Them crackers think they slick By tryin to make this bullshit affordable I thank the Lord that my voice was recordable for soul food Come an get your soul food well well.

Big Gipp Hold up C. It's what I write And Miss Lady, acting like we in jail Says she ain't got no extra hush puppies to sell Bankhead Seafood making me hit that door with a mind full of attitude It was a line at the Beautiful JJ'S Ribshack was packed too Looking to be one of them days when mama ain't cooking Everybody's out hunting with the family Looking for a little soul food Chorus: Come and get yo' soul food, well well Good old-fashioned soul food, all right Everythang is for free As good as it can be Come and get some soul food MJG: I got the fever for some ham hocks Hit the spot with hot spaghetti Some Kool Aid with three or four rolls and grape jelly The same old prejudice folks from 65 It's Can you feel my soul?

Eightball coming funki as a pot of Chitlins Soul feeder with the lyrics I be spittin Getting lifted. Gifted God is my father. Glory is my mother: Trying to find another way to make some pay Mom says [that] without a job, her baby can't stay Gots to go, now I'm gone. Hard foes No food for the soul.

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