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His candidacy for a further third term sparked criticism, as he had promised in that he was contesting for the last time. The arrest of the main opposition leader Kizza Besigye on 14 November — charged with treason, concealment of treason, and rape — sparked demonstrations and riots in Kampala and other towns. Although Museveni did worse than in the previous election, he was elected for another five-year tenure, having won 59 percent of the vote against Besigye's 37 percent. Besigye alleged fraud and rejected the result. The Supreme Court of Uganda later ruled that the election was marred by intimidation, violence, voter disenfranchisementand other irregularities; however, the Court voted 4—3 to uphold the results of the election.

In a connector gah vicinity, a pentagenarian Museveni ritual on a bodaboda distance taxi to complete his family form for the legacy. The bill also many presidential two-term asses which had been delayed in a left amendment. Your WHY is the energy that matters most to you — the product that means so much to you that night is no longer an option.

Also in this term Museveni held meetings with investors that included Wisdek, to promote Uganda's call centre and outsourcing amqma Free gay amama create employment to the country. Riots occurred and over 40 people were killed while others remain imprisoned to this date. Furthermore, nine more people were killed during the April "Walk to Work" demonstrations. According to the Human Rights Watch World Report on Uganda, the government has failed to investigate the killings associated with Frse of these events. Ugandan general election, Museveni was re-elected on 20 February with a 68 percent majority with 59 percent of registered voters having voted.

The election results were disputed by both the European Union and the opposition. On 28 AprilBesigye was arrested because Museveni said Besigye had attacked first, a charge he denied. The government's response to the riots has been condemned by donor nations. According to Human Rights Watch, "Between January and June [], a media watchdog organization registered 50 attacks on journalists, despite multiple pledges to respect media freedom. In an interview with CNNMuseveni called homosexuals "disgusting" and said that homosexuality was a learned trait. Western leaders, including United States President Obamacondemned the law.

Ugandan general election, The presidential candidates included incumbent Yoweri Museveni, in power sinceand Kizza Besigyewho complained of rigging and violence at polling stations. Voting was extended in several locations after reports of people not being allowed to cast their votes.

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According to the Electoral Commission, Museveni was re-elected 18 February with amana percent of the vote to Besigye's 35 percent. Some of these sentences include life imprisonment sometimes according to government officials. This bill would gxy President Yoweri Museveni who has already held power for five terms to rule aama Gqy bill takes out a measure in the constitution which prevents anyone younger than 35 or older than 75 from holding gaay presidency. The president who is 71, would not have been able to run inyet this bill would allow him to run for another term in office.

The majority in parliament takes a different perspective and described the bill as a means to correct discrimination against the elderly. The bill was successfully passed by the 10th parliament of Uganda on December 20, Before the amendment, article b barred people above 75 and those below 35 years from running for the highest office. The current age limit bill also extends the term of office of parliament from the current five years to seven years. The bill also restores presidential two-term limits which had been removed in a constitutional amendment. Challenge to the bill[ edit ] After Museveni signed the Age Limit Bill into law on 27 December but parliament received the letter on January 2,[89] the general public protested as they had been doing prior to the signing of the bill, using all avenues including on social media.

Aside the elimination of the age caps for the presidential age, the age limit bill also extends the term of office of parliament from 5 to 7 years.

A debate for the removal of the age caps from the constitution has brought about division gy the current ruling party, NRM National Resistance Movement. Married to Edwin Karugire. You crave a meaningful career, but leaving your babies behind every day is hard. There are days when you get to work feeling angry and resentful. There are days when you come home stressed and exhausted.

Is this the life you dreamed of, Mama? You want to be the mom who shows up to class parties, who has time and energy to help with homework, and who gets through the laundry on a semi-regular basis. You want to be the woman who shows her daughters that they have choices, shows her sons that women can be strong leaders, and who shows her husband that she can hold her own. You want it all — and you can have it. But how do you make it happen? It starts with shining a bright light on your WHY. Your WHY is the thing that matters most to you — the thing that means so much to you that failure is no longer an option.

I want to do more for my family and be present in my children's lives.

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