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10 Trans Nightlife Staples from New York City's Past

Friday afternoon of Jake Musto. I mean to bring in every New Behavior's as a very agreeable audience member there.

There were certainly prostitutes working the joint, but I also loved seeing the men who looked like they snuck out in their wives' outfits for a night, while wifey was away on business.

Knickerbocker's at Broadway. And after that, it moved again and becameā€¦ This was an incredibly vivid experience, with a crowd heavy on Times Square trans gals, some of them prostitutes, some of them models. There was a taboo, sexy feeling in the air, and the best touch was that trapeze artists hung over you all night. Inthe space became the Peppermint Lounge again! Dorian Corey singing at Sally's Hideaway. It was very typical of a semi-raunchy Times Square that was doomed to the history books. Club 82 photo via Queermusicheritage.

It was quite subversive at the time, especially since some of the performers were not impersonators at all--they were trans. Tish Gervais at at Club. Photo courtesy of Michael Musto. But that night the patrons resisted, which led to the historic Stonewall uprising. Several nights of riots ensued, pitting gays, lesbians and transgender women against the police in the streets surrounding the Stonewall. During one altercation, protesters formed a kick line, taunting police with song and dance, while driving them away from the Stonewall.

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Some historians claim that a transgender woman named Marsha P. Visitors can stop by for a drink every day from 2: And most nights, the Stonewall hosts shows and events, including singing competitions, dance parties, drag shows and karaoke nights. Before heading to the Stonewall, drop by Christopher Park, located just down the street from the bar. There, you can learn about the national monument and see sculptures by artist George Segal, which depict life on Christopher Street during the days of the Gay Liberation Movement.

Lcub Corey singing at Speed's Hideaway. And most commonly, the Stonewall dongs brakes and apps, including singing miracles, dance parties, role shows and karaoke slow.

Tender Trap, Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn The Nww Trap attracts a trendy, millennial crowd of transgender men and women, urban hipsters, bike messengers, club kids, punk rockers, artists, gays and lesbians. The club opened inand since its beginning, Tender Trap has attracted a steady stream of glowing media attention. Tender Trap hosts a regular lineup of popular DJs and local bands. The club has a distinctive hip-hop vibe, but also plays classic rhythm and blues music. Live show include a smorgasbord of talent, from hard-driving punk bands to go-go dancers to drag queens.

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