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A Scanner Darkly

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Sanner audience is introduced to Bob Arctor, aka Fred, an undercover narcotics detective who has become no different than the people he keeps under surveillance.

In order to protect his identity, the protagonist wears a full-body suit which randomly displays different faces and body parts. In drug culture that Dick takes his audience, the audience gets to experience the long, strange trip, whether they want to or not. Scanneg of these characters and the bright dystopia they live in act like real addicts, making them all darklh more relatable. It would have been easy for Dick to make a moralizing piece of anti-drug propaganda. The book ends with Bruce hiding a flower in his shoe to give to his "friends"—undercover police agents posing as recovering addicts at the Los Angeles New-Path facility—on Thanksgiving.

Autobiographical nature[ edit ] A Scanner Darkly is a fictionalized account of real eventsbased on Dick's experiences in the s drug culture. I got mixed up with a lot of street people, just to have somebody to fill the house. She left me with a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house and nobody living in it but me. So I just filled it with street people and I got mixed up with a lot of people who were into drugs. This speech, "The Android and the Human", served as the basis for many of the recurring themes and motifs in the ensuing novel.

Another turning point in this timeframe for Dick is the alleged burglary of his Scannner and theft of his papers. After delivering "The Android and the Human", Dick became a participant in X-Kalay a Canadian Synanon -type recovery dicmeffortlessly convincing program caseworkers that he was nursing a heroin addiction to do so. Dick's recovery program participation was portrayed in the posthumously released book The Dark Haired Girl a collection of letters and journals from this period, most of a romantic nature. Before, he would knock out up to four novels a year, but he worked on draft after draft of Darkly for four years. It was different; it required him to wrestle with a devastating period in his life and create something that would help him come to terms with it.

Its depth and density reflect this. Post-war, two ways of writing about drugs emerged: But by the end of the decade, these beatific ideals had collapsed. There was acid burnout — a move towards heroin, speed and cocaine. Even so, the characters in A Scanner Darkly are recognisable today. Some of them have a grimly recognisable entrepreneurial spirit, too. Distinct shades of Breaking Bad there. Dick was always spilling over with beliefs, questions and epiphanies. A Scanner Darkly races back and forth between depicting the nervy, brutal shape of drug abuse and Bob Arctor slowly losing his grip on his identity, trying to understand why it insists on being elusive and unstable.

By dick philip darkly Scanner k

divk But it also connects to a far greater set of ideas Dick was exploring, primarily metaphysical, and especially so as he wrote this. Dick was an enormously wide-ranging reader and thinker — apparently he pored over his giant set of encyclopaedias he would have loved the internet. Arctor is a man on the fringes of society. A man who realises one day that he hates his suburban existence, and so trades it in for a life among the hippie drop-outs, drug addicts and street people of Orange County, California. But Arctor is also Agent Fred, an undercover narcotics officer whose identity is hidden even from his police handlers by a "scramble suit" that makes him appear as an unmemorable blur.

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A Scanner Darkly is late-phase Dick. It stems from the period following his revelatory religious experiences in The cult science fiction author spent the last decade of his life trying to understand a series of visions he experienced under the effects of sodium pentothal after a dental operation, a struggle charted in his biblical Exegesis and in the novels Radio Free Albemuth, Valis and The Divine Invasion. It's this phase of Dick's life that, more than any other, cemented his reputation as a modern-day mystic.

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