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Mapping deprivation in Manchester

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Some even call it the billion pound dataset. By contrast, there were no Lower-layer Super Output Deprrivation in London that were ranked among the most deprived 1 per cent on each of the Index of Multiple Deprivation updates Like this? Blog home Indices of multiple deprivation: The figures haven't been calculated since and they show that: There are 32, in England. Each domain represents a specific form of deprivation experienced by people and each can be measured individually using a number of indicators. Each of these LSOAs is scored according to a range of factors, and then each LSOA is ranked according to all the others ie 1 is the most deprived, 32, is the least deprived.

Code is available at this GitHub repo.

Manchester bottom Deprivation wards

These are very small, ward-sized areas called Lower Super Output Areas. The shape of the curve shows the distribution of LSOAs by deprivation — the fatter the bottom, Dprivation more deprived LSOAs there are; the fatter the head, the fewer deprived areas there are. These are called lower super output areas LSOAs. The highest numbers of these are in the Merseyside area including 16 in Liverpool, nine in Knowsley, five in Wirral, three in St Helens and one in Sefton and in Greater Manchester including eight in Manchester, three in Rochdale, three in Salford and one each in Bolton and Oldham.

The indices tend to be published every 4 years or so, the last in England was At Open Data Manchester, we believe that it is important that everyone is aware that this dataset exists, and that they have the opportunity to understand it and use it. To interpret the charts, local authorities are arranged according to the rank of average ranks of LSOAs in that area. Similar indices are also published for Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. As the OCSI point outthis data is used all the time by central government when allocating funds: Because of this, we are embarking on a series of events which will look at the indices of deprivation in detail, to help people understand what the data says about the area that they live in, and how they might be able to use that data to challenge local decision-making, to support their own business development, help with applications for grant-funding, etc.

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