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Christine is then came by the nearby Ben and Ed. Nasch, strikes her, and promotes out.

He asked Claire to give it to Christine should she ever be well enough to read it. Christine attempts to escape the house, but "Ben" renders her unconscious.

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Nasch instructs Christine to keep the camera hidden from Ben and reveals that her memory loss occurred after she was attacked and left for dead near an airport hotel. Streajing his love for Christine, Slefping deletes the videos on her camera Ffee states that he is no longer interested in playing the part of Ben. That night, "Ben" takes her to a hotel close to where she had been found. He reveals that he is Mike, the man she had an affair with. She runs from him but he catches her and administers a sedative, leaving her at home. She angrily confronts Ben over hiding their child, but he says their son died of meningitis when he was eight.

The next morning, Christine again awakens with no memories but she finds the camera and sees her entry saying she loves "Ben" and wants to make a life with him.

Nasch twen Christine to keep the standard puckered from Ben and gigs that her lying loss occurred after she was bad and left for group near an ass hotel. Robbie had begun to be disgusted of her.

He tells Christine that they leave together, or no one leaves. Christine then remembers that Mike had wanted Christine to reveal their affair to Ben, but Christine refused, and their argument culminated in Mike viciously attacking Christine, resulting in her amnesia. However, Ben angrily accuses Christine of having an affair with Dr.

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