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Parties are very much used any other were - seeing cafes, or drinks - not everyone will not your water, or be flattering with the authority. What's the Bearing Score?.

No bullshit, no judgements. Lick parties haven't juuust been a platform for meeting or hook-ups. You've been asked to be a celebrant for girls who met at your parties! Your events aren't solely female exclusive, though.

Lick party The

How do you feel about relocating Lick festivities up to Karangahape Road, after a few years down in Britomart and The Viaduct? From inception, Lick started off in Melbourne, and demand just took us everywhere. We were getting so many emails and messages from people asking for Lick to come to their city, so we made that happen! Lick is a social gathering just like anywhere else, the difference is that we are hosted within a licenced music venue. We did a tour of the country two years in a row, hosted by four of the main personalities from a popular queer reality television show called The L Word. You founded Lick because there was no space nor event out there that catered to girls who like girls.

We reserve a table or an area hosted by either myself, or my Event Manager Charli, and anyone can join us.

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Several years on, with the success of your parties and the amount of lives you've touched, do you think you've seen any broader effects in Australasian society? I am of course pxrty into that and will try and make that happen if I can get some spare time! I started Lick in in Melbourne after I moved from Auckland, where there were no such options at the time that I was coming out and becoming more comfortable in my skin. Our common denominator is that we all are attracted to women, whether we are gay, bisexual or curious. But anywhere can be a place to hook up if a bunch of queer girls meet another bunch of queer girls, haha!

Parties are very much like any other establishment - like cafes, or restaurants - not everyone will like your food, or be happy with the service! Lick is definitely not just a place to come to just to hook up. What's the Lick Entourage? And this is our third year of being a part of the fabulous Auckland Pride Festival. Are there further international plans on the horizon? There were a few other parties which I enjoyed going to, but I saw an opportunity to create something completely different to what was on offer.

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