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Rashida Jones

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InJones appeared with several other celebrities in Prop 8 — The Musicalan all-star video satirising California's anti-gay marriage initiativewritten by Marc Shaiman From toshe provided the voice of Hotwire on the Hulu comedy series The Awesomes. Inshe began starring in a series of commercials for Verizon FiOS. He proposed on her 27th birthday, using a custom-made crossword puzzle spelling out "Will you marry me? In this day and age, you can choose how you practice and what is your relationship with God. I feel pretty strongly about my connection, definitely through the Jewish traditions and the things that I learned dating the guy that I dated.

My boyfriends tend to be Jewish and also be practicing I don't see it as a necessity, but there's something about it that I connect with for whatever reason. Now I have a good balance. She has been a board member since and holds several annual benefits to raise money for the organization. The Campaign to Make Poverty History, and The Art of Elysium's volunteer program, which runs artistic workshops for hospitalized children. She wrote about the confronting experience for Vanity Fair. She supported Barack Obama during the and presidential campaigns.

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