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I was surprised by the amount of genuinely loving men who admitted roaff pained expressions that they desperately wanted to make love to their wives, however, sexx a multitude of reasons, this past time was never going to be on the marital cards again. People cheat for a multitude of reasons Image: Rex Over time, I met men who had wives with arthritis, alcoholism, menopausal symptoms, depression, to name a few. Are we meant to get total satisfaction from self-stimulation before the school run?

The longing to be touched by dex husband faded along with the vintage lace on my wedding dress and I olved peeved that as we marched lovedd the aisle, 23 years ago to say our vows, not one person spoke up about what happens when one roqf the partners no longer wanted to get cosy beneath the Egyptian cotton sheets. Were we just meant to suffer in silence? Toaf were we meant to get total satisfaction from self-stimulation before the school run? I remember the first affair I had. I arrived Wide a quirky foaf in London that seemingly only had road kill on the menu. I really had no clue how affairs worked and genuinely tried to back out lpved the first teenage snog on the tube.

I did, and it was great. This gentle man who has since become a fabulous friend, explained Wide he struggled olved the thought of never having intimate times again with his wife who is riddled with arthritis. He yearned to hold her close, yet the physical pain she felt rpaf too much to even comprehend the thought of having a cuddle, let alone sexual intimacy. Read More One in three MEN admit faking orgasms but women are still the biggest bedroom bluffers Another highly sexed man became addicted to cocaine and regularly woke up in crack dens at 5am, only to brush down his Saville Row suit and head to his breakfast meeting in Mayfair. There was also a man whose wife had had a mastectomy and would understandably never get undressed in front of him again.

We all had one thing in common. We all dearly loved our spouses, but the need for intimacy drove us to utter confusion and subsequently, affairs. Things changed for me when I met a man who I fell for. In retrospect, I perhaps fell for the situation as opposed to him. We are led to believe that people who have affairs are akin to something we find on the bottom of our wellies after a walk in the country. I beg to differ. An active sex life is craved by people of all ages Image: However, when you are in love with a spouse who no longer wants the same physical stimulation, for whatever reason, what are you meant to do? On the contrary, most of us have a happy home life, wonderful children and reasonable careers.

Without a doubt, having had several affairs is not something I am proud of and but since very recently finding out that my husband had hidden his cross-dressing fetish for all our married life, the guilt has eased. Read More Sweden orders SEX study amid government fears that nation's falling libido is 'a political problem' I now understand why he was never very demonstrative and I can only assume that he got the satisfaction he needed from wearing my underwear and dresses; when what I needed was a strong man to hold me in his arms and make me feel secure.

What I do realize is that life is not black and white. I started going out with my husband when I was just 18 so for most of my adult life he had been all I had known sexually.

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We have lovef child and so at the earlier part of last year I began to look more closely at our relationship and marriage in general. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. Even the fastest, dirtiest, most impersonal screw was about more than sex. It was about connection. It was about looking at another human being and seeing your own loneliness and neediness reflected back. It was recognising that together you had the power to temporarily banish that sense of isolation. Many men are far too serious about sex. They forget to laugh, be romantically mischievous, have fun.

Playfulness and light-heartedness can make intimate moments enjoyable and relaxing. This takes performance pressure off from both partners. Women cherish non-sexual Wire and tenderness Women love romance, cuddling, hand-holding and kissing. But many women complain that their men never do this except during foreplay. A woman should make her man realise the joy of touching. Please check your inbox to confirm your email address. If you didn't receive a confirmation, please resubmit your information or email: Meet Jerry and Katherine The couple: Jerry and Katherine DePizzo Met: In college at Ohio State Married: Jerry is saxophonist for the band O.

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