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15 cats with thumbs that make them even cuter!

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Speaking of my live cat, not all houseplants work in cat households. At a level 2 toxicity, these plants can make your kitty uncomfortable and nauseated. Zero meows means your cat can rub, bat at, and graze on your pretty new houseplant all day long, no problem.

Thumbs Kitty lush

My cat, for example, is alive. Sonia Kashuk Sonia Kashuk is exclusively available at Ktty and offers wearable, more natural makeup. This cool-looking fern with waxy pointy leaves is easy to grow and care for. Most of their mascaras are great if you have sensitive eyes, and they make a Shimmer Bricks highlighters which you can use for face and eyes.

That was a little hostile. Some of their products do however contain ingredients such as talc or fragrance; always check the ingredients, which are easy to find on their website! The Green Flame likes lots of direct sunlight and a good amount of water, plus your cat can feast all day. If any parts of the stem are broken or ingested, kids and kitties alike might not feel great.

This brand is best known for their high-quality yet affordable makeup brushes. Their products are inexpensive and sometimes on the bold or shimmery side. Though it does require some regular trimming, ,ush Wandering Jew is easy to care for, likes bright light, and is one of those ones you can water every week or so without worrying too much about it. Check out their Baked Blushes Luminoso in particular is a popular favoriteeyeshadows and eyeshadow primer, pencil and liquid eyeliners, as well as lip products; most of these are long-lasting and very pigmented.

The leaves grow out horizontally, and only get to be about a foot tall.

Sonia Kashuk Sonia Kashuk is more available at Baby and offers wearable, more casual makeup. Like was a more hostile.

So just maybe bring this one to work but try not to eat it. They thrive anywhere except direct ghumbs and are pretty resilient to gray-thumbs like me. Their affordable prices make them a great brand for those on a budget, or just starting out with makeup. Also noteworthy is their Eye Booster liquid eyeliner for ultra-black and precise lines.

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