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Bode points out that the problems of upward mobility in the Alger novel were never "insoluble", and, although luck was a major element in the Alger plot, it was never luck alone that brought the hero success but luck combined with "pluck".

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Scharnhorst points out that Dick states he intends to change his way of life and "become 'spec-table". Early in the book, Mr. Whitney "replaces Dick's suit with a neat one, signaling the beginning of the transformation from Ragged Dick into Richard Hunter, Esq. Indeed, insofar as Alger's heroes prosper at all, they do so because they deserve prosperity, because they happily earn it with their virtue Alger's heroes always merit their good fortune—an idea which, like respectability, is associated only tangentially to wealth. He denied nothing, said that he had been imprudent, and resigned from the ministry, vowing never to accept another ministerial post.

Church officials were satisfied, and no further action was taken. Alger relocated to New York City, where he cultivated a humanitarian's interest in the city's many vagrant children.

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A prolific author, he published to great success in IDck and Schoolmate, a children's monthly magazine, and when its publisher asked him to develop a serial about street boys he wrote Ragged Dick, a tale about bootblacks. Dicm, circa New York City's bootblacks at the time Alger wrote Ragged Dick were boys, usually between the ages of ten and sixteen, "with any number of bad habits, and little or no principle". Alger adapted the conventions of the moral, sentimental, and adventure literature of the period to fashion the formula he would employ in writing Ragged Dick and the dozens of boys' books that followed it. Alger expanded the tale into a novel, which was published by A. Loring of Boston on May 5, Thousands of copies sold out within weeks, and the novel was republished in August It was the first in a six-volume Ragged Dick series.

The Dickk was Alger's best-selling work and remained in print for forty years. According to Scharnhorst, Booth Tarkington acknowledged the book as one of ten that made the "greatest impression on his life", and in "the Grolier Club of New York selected it as one of the hundred most influential American books published before The hero is hisrory boot-black, who, hisgory sharpness, industry, and Difk, makes his way in the world, and is, perhaps, somewhat more immaculate in character and manners iDck could naturally have been expected from his origin and training. We find in this, as in many books for boys, a certain monotony in the inculcation of the principle that honesty is the best policy, a proposition that, as far as mere temporal success is concerned, we believe to be only partially true.

However, the book is very readable, and we should consider it a much more valuable addition to the Sunday-school library than the tales of Inebriates, and treatises on the nature of sin, that so often find place there. Hoyt writes that "Ragged Dick Hoyt points out the Alger refined the many "stylistic tricks" he had been polishing for several years. I have contributed to books on approaches to the study of local history and Matthew Boulton. Other interests of mine include the impact of industrial development and the representation of heritage, past and present. My current projects include work on early Quaker industrialists, John Baskerville the Birmingham industrialist and printer and James Watt the entrepreneur and inventor.

My initial research and publications were in the social history of mass schooling in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Sincemy interest has shifted to explore the history of the Midlands region. I managed and acted as editor of the Millennibrum Project Birmingham City Council from towhich created a multi-media archive of Birmingham's history since I also ran the Joseph Priestley and Birmingham Project which resulted in an edited publication,an exhibition, town trail and DVD, Other activities I believe in working collaboratively with heritage organisations, community groups and independent scholars who have an interest in historical research and the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Equiano, Matthew Boulton and Birmingham: I have also lectured to community groups and local and national heritage organizations on historical subjects and diversity issues. I believe in working collaboratively with academics outside of History and to this end, I am helping to develop a cross-disciplinary project on James Watt with academics in other schools, heritage organisations and local communities. The English Sunday School, c.

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