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Various a wonderful primitive. Did I actively participate to do this. Of survivor I did!.

Finally I pushed her gently to the side and pulled the two soaked towels off of the bed. Last time she was over, after we had sex and shagging showering off together, I asked if I could pee on her, and she immediately looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and said "Sure, go for it". I was working at the computer and having a couple of beers. We have the pissing categories where ladies and guys fuck one another and end up pissing one another as well. So I put my soft dick inside her gently, pushed in as far as I could without getting too aroused, and continued kissing her softly while I held myself inside her.

Surprisingly, I kept pissing in her and it seemed to all be staying in.

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She rolled over and went back to sleep. I reached a point in my mind where I said to myself "Fuck Grila, if I wet the bed, it will be worth it. She stirred a little but was pretty out of it already. I wondered if it would soak the bed as I only had 2 towels under her, no plastic or anything really solid like that. They were both soaked and smelled delicious like fresh piss and pussy juices. Of course the answer was obvious - I woke her ass up and put some towels under her smooth round butt. On one hand, I might have just let go in my shorts and continued working.

We bent nad premium hours ago and then she decided out on my bed. A bit on the corresponding side but not freedom-thin. I'm not educated stopping, this is so hot.

To many it may seem ;issing bit odd but to these guys and girls, it turns out to be a whole lot of fun. I felt my flow creeping up, and hesitiated for a moment. I may piss on her again in the middle of the night, if I can find enough dry towels. She was in a haze but kissed back anyway.

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