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The variety of venues makes this very fun, whatever your taste. Although Lick draws a predominantly lesbian crowd, it's very welcoming toward all, and in the other venues you'll always discern a something of a queer vibe, both male and female - the whole place is much more about dancing and listening to great music from rock to soul to electronic than attitude, cruising, or carousing.

Honey night Lotus clubs lick

And then there's this review from blackbook: Run by women for women, Lick also known as The Mix clubx spicy and sweet, like a queer-friendly, safe space should. Underground sounds Lotuss uberhip DJs keep the sweat dripping down whirling dyke dervishes on the dance floor, and cheapie drinks mean nights here are prime pick-up ground for a scene that embraces all things butch and femme. Add a few bi-curious coeds and pink power activists, and it's no surprise "The L Word" is a Vancouver creation. So it appears that others did not shy away from identifying Lick as a lesbian place, even if the management was squeamish about it.

But then in Marchvlubs owners of the Lotus Hotel sold the building, and the Lick Club--in addition to the other clubs housed at that location--was forced to close its doors. Facebookers have been registering their shock and disappointment at Lick's impending closure, and the news has prompted UBC student Emily Plommer to organize "a Party of Protest" at Lick tonight March But this deal's done and we've got to move on. We've got to create our own

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