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Yet there is tremendous, almost phobic misunderstanding about the essentially healthy, happy hobby of Phoje play. With such a cultural stigma against this natural form of pleasure, introducing your golden shower fetish to a new lover, or even a regular partner, can be a daunting task. Fortunately, here at the Block Institute, we offer private, confidential phone sex therapy for those who love golden showers to safely and nonjudgementally discuss their fantasies and real life situations. Need to Talk About Golden Showers?

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Want to learn how to safely incorporate water sports into your sex life? Would you like to better understand where your erotic interest in urination came from? You may or may not enjoy the actual taste of the urine. Golden shower lovers can enjoy the sexual closeness that wetness suggests with added power play and copiously flowing fluid. Some like the taboo nature of indulging in the Yellow Peril, the rush of playing with what most authorities tell you never to touch or taste. I even washed it all down with some warm golden piss. Then I chained you to my web.

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