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You might have tried nagging, lecturing and grounding to no avail. Do you have any idea what time it is? No emotion, no speeches — yet the expectation for your behavior is clear and straightforward. In the above scenario with Maria and Jessica, we would advise Marie to talk with Jessica in the morning, and not handle this when Jessica comes in the door. As James Lehman reminds us, transition times are difficult for everyone, and your best problem solving is not likely to happen during these times. This also allows Marie some time to calm down, and think about how to handle this in a rational manner. In the morning, we recommend that Marie lets Jessica know that coming in after the curfew is unacceptable and to do some problem solving with her teen on how she is going to make it home on time.

You know the rules about coming home on time. What are you going to do differently to make sure that you follow that rule and come home on time from now on? We recommend that the consequence be time-limited and task-oriented. Theobalds sets her daughter's curfew based on what she's doing.

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Recently, her daughter was in a play and performances kept her out past comibg for more than a week. While her daughter is sometimes late by 20 minutes or so, she's usually pretty good. Theobalds totally whar her, she still frets. Story continues below advertisement And when her older daughter, 21, is home from university, she worries about the car. Wilson proposes that parents who are really plagued with worry -- even when they have a trustworthy child who comes home at a reasonable hour -- should really think it out. What is it you're actually afraid of? She suggests thinking through all the catastrophes to see which ones could really happen, and which ones are just you being paranoid.

Then sit cominh with your dk to talk about cmoing good choices. Bring up different scenarios -- a friend is about to drive drunk, a stranger offers to take you for a stroll, someone offers you a mystery pill fo and ask what your teen might do. Wilson makes sure she has cellphone numbers for all her year-old son's friends, and always has a chat with any new people who come by the house. She always knows where he's going and even makes a note of the make of the car he's piling into when he leaves. As well, she has no qualms about calling him or his friends if she's worried or if he's late at all.

She thinks that parents should forget about embarrassment and act on their worries if a child is really late or isn't answering his or her cellphone. Story continues below advertisement "There's the old rule that you have to wait 24 hours before you can report a missing person. In fact, you can report a missing person at any time," Ms.

If you do say something you regret, apologize. Wooding agrees that explaining to your teen that you were scared — and you reacted accordingly — is the only way to go. Eighty percent of the time parents are right; every once in a while you blow it. However, forbidding a child from seeing certain people in an attempt to control substance use or in the hopes of severing a relationship is a no-win game — and, in fact, may backfire and intensify the less-than-desirable behaviour.

Ask the energy to get turned and the class to leave. Do you have any other what time it is?.

It may feel counterintuitive, but Pasternack maintains that one of the best ways parents can deal with their teens is by giving them some autonomy. Tell them what your values are in the house and why. Their mother acknowledged that she understood there was sometimes beer at parties, but stressed that being lied to was absolutely unacceptable.

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