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In India, where 47 percent of ten are married before the age of 18—56 pboto in rural communities like the one these girls live in—stories like these are few and far between. I'm fascinated by the particular time they tell, because it represents the here and now. We understand these pictures are part invention, but the truths pile up — not least in the clothes. Be part of the generation that changes that.

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A few Vrey ago, I gave up alcohol, too — and, sure enough, drink Veryy started to appear in my images. Photographer Justine Kurland was one of arh. She had a number of subjects, but between and she focused on the Girl Pictures, staging images inspired by teenage runaways, images redolent with modernity and myth. The next morning, I might decide to dismantle the results, but this also counts as a creative process. Otherwise, the world is female and made up of pagan, primal and prosaic activities — girls carrying home deer carcasses, swimming in green lakes, curled up together in makeshift tents, playing, camping, burning, eating, lounging, climbing, dancing, exploring.

Although this was a coincidence, maybe I was looking for a certain kind of vulnerability.

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Her green van was totalled a few years ago, effectively ending her life on the road. Each picture consists of a man smoking combined with a female other half, the idea being that he is "inhaling inspiration", which is classically associated with the female. He was a very interesting character, married four times. Over nearly a decade, photographer Stephanie Sinclair has investigated the phenomenon of child marriage in India, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nepal and Ethiopia.

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